Last-Minute Halloween Decorations.

Last-Minute Halloween Decorations.

As I mentioned yesterday here, I’m a bit behind on Halloween. So we caught up this morning.

Check it out.

Here you go.

Three last-minute Halloween decor items.


All from the grocery store. All easy to do. (We did these in less than an hour and with spent less than $30.)

Happy Friday.

And Happy Halloween Weekend!

We’re going to go eat candy now.

Nuevo Queso, The Details

3 Responses to Last-Minute Halloween Decorations.

  1. Miss Britt says:

    I want that bugs bunny hat!!

  2. Looks great, Laura! The mason jars are a great idea – totally digging it.

  3. good work and creativity, really good effort is rewarded by getting these results, Congratulations

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