Kirtsy + BlogHer Gala and Art Auction

Kirtsy + BlogHer Gala and Art Auction

Are you going to BlogHer ‘10 this summer in New York?  I’ll definitely be there, navigating the fun with my always-roommate Jenny (which is always-entertaining). But I think I’m most excited about the party that was just announced yesterday:

Kirtsy is teaming up with BlogHer to create the the much-anticipated Voices of the Year Gala and Art Auction.

Between now and the party, the Kirtsy team and BlogHer will work to transform words and images of the Voices of the Year into works of art in a variety of mediums. These pieces will be featured, displayed, and showcased at BlogHer ‘10 in New York on Friday evening, August 6th, immediately after the community keynote at a reception and Gala.  Then, THEN!, these inspiring works will be auctioned off to benefit healing action in the Gulf Coast, raising money to help fund the long-term recovery efforts the Gulf will need.

Kirtsy wants to get you involved. If you’re an artist, graphic designer or photographer, Kirtsy would love you to contribute your artistic vision to interpret the powerful words that have been chosen as winners. Are you interested? Send an email and let Kirtsy know. Seriously. You’ll get the 411 about the art display and how you can participate.

How rad is that?!

Here’s what BlogHer says about it all:

We’ll start at BlogHer ‘10 with a Gala that is a feast for the senses. Not just fine food and divine drinks; not just music…including a special guest performance still to be announced…but also a feast for the eyes, as Kirtsy will be transforming the entire space into a gallery featuring custom-commissioned art works that evoke the spirit of our Voices of the Year finalists. Those works will be auctioned off post-conference, with proceeds benefitting the Nature Conservancy, so that BlogHer ‘10, and everyone there, has the opportunity to contribute in some part to what will be a long recovery process for the Gulf.

P.S. — Wondering why I’m so excited about this? Two reasons: it’s going to be an amazing event and I’m one of the founders of Kirtsy. : )

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2 Responses to Kirtsy + BlogHer Gala and Art Auction

  1. Lisa Stone says:

    Hola, queen of queso…have to repeat myself and say that after reveling in the Mom 2.0 Summit auction to benefit women in Haiti, we couldn’t imagine a better partner to curate an auction that celebrates the voices of women and to raise funds for the Gulf’s long recovery.

    Really excited to work with you all on this.

  2. Barchbo says:

    I am not an artist but I DO love parties. Of course, I’ll be supporting from afar but am very excited about the event.

    The only part I’m not excited about is that pregnancy is keeping me from traveling to BlogHer. Sigh.

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