You knew it was coming. The random iTunes sorting smackdown.

And there’s no cheating.

The songs will simply appear at the will of the Apple gods. I just set my iPod (that was very handed down from very brilliant husband when he got his very video iPod) to shuffle, and away we go…

First song:
“I Can’t Stand It” … Wilco, Summerteenth
A solid start. This song reminds me of the movie Election. Not sure why. Maybe the song is in it; maybe I heard it for the first time sometime around the time I saw that movie. I don’t need to say much more about this song or this band because Wilco is revered by millions of very gushing, very vocal fans.

Second song:
“River” … Travis, Turn (CD 1)
This is the Bside from the single “Turn”. So great. Who knew Travis would be so motivated to cover Joni Mitchell.

Third song:
“Symptom of Disease (with Mr. Velcro Fastener)” … Erlend Oye, Unrest
Great artist. Half of Kings of Convenience. Check him out. I found his music on brilliant husband’s iPod and immediately asked said husband to do his magic to make it appear on mine. Because he’s very smart like that and I’m very dumb like that.

Fourth song:
“You’ve Changed” Nat King Cole Trio, Complete Capitol Recordings Disk 11
Ah romance. One time when we lived on Shakespeare, I asked brilliant husband to download a few Nat King Cole songs for me, and he downloaded 18 discs chock full of them. He is very much an overachiever like that.

Fifth song:
“Sassafras” … The Helio Sequence, Com Plex
I didn’t know this song was on there. I know nothing about it, and I’m pretty sure I’d never heard it before, even though it’s in my collection. I know. I know. But it was quite good.

Sixth song:
“Superstition” … Stevie Wonder, The Definitive Collection
Probably the third best song ever recorded by Stevie Wonder. Writings on the wall.

Seventh song:
“Loveblind” … Jamiroquai, Dynamite
Jamiroquai just makes me happy. Bottom line. Their songs all have very similar qualities, so no matter which one I hear, it links with a memory. A week in Denver when we had incredibly fab dinner parties and listened to Blair, Space Monkeys, Brand New Heavies and Jamiroquai constantly. And maybe someone dressed up all Goodwillafrocraptastic to go dancing. Maybe. I’ll only say that Shasta throws one heck of a party. The end.

Eighth Song:
“Since U Been Gone” … Kelly Clarkson, Breakway
Go ahead. Make fun of the first American Idol. But if you say you can listen to either this song, or “Hit Me Baby One More Time” by Mrs. Federline, (which also has been brilliantly covered by Travis) without either of them being trapped in your head for at least the next 48 hours, then you’re either a robot or you’re a liar.

Ninth Song:
“Sister Surround” … The Soundtrack of Our Lives, In Good Company Soundtrack
I didn’t know this song was in a movie. I didn’t even know I owned the In Good Company Soundtrack. But I love this song.

Tenth Song:
“Learn to Fly” … Foo Fighters, There Is Nothing
Ah, from the good men who fight the good fight to save us all from the foo. I love this song. This song makes me want to, um, fly. And I love me all things Dave Grohl. Amen.

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7 Responses to iTuesday

  1. Betsy says:

    Up front: I have very pedestrian music tastes, for the most part. And I have an 80s predilection.In order:1. Everything by Alanis Morissette (sue me! I like her!)2. Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira (sue me again! I like her, too!)3. Believe by Lenny Kravitz (Finally! Something I don't have to defend. You can't argue with Kravitz!)4. Top of the World by the Dixie Chicks (shhh…don't tell the Republicans. Patty Griffin does it better, anyway.)5. We Belong by Pat Benatar. She. Rocks.6. Such Great Heights by Postal Service. Peppy. Toe-tapping. A happy song. Plus, who knew that there was such a thing as eye freckles?!7. All I Want Is You by U2. Reminds me of REALITY BITES and being 24, young, and really dumb. God Bless the 90s!8. Show the Way by David Wilcox. He's a genius, and this song proves it. So there.9. Annie's Song by John Denver. This is a live version. It's really good. It's John Denver. I want someone to feel like that about me…as long as it's reciprocal.10. Miss Misery by Elliott Smith. I love him. This song is greatness. When I am sad, this song lifts me up. That's so sad, but it's how I roll.

  2. Zeke says:

    I have to admit it… Since You Been Gone kinda rocks.

  3. Emi Lee says:

    I trade you one disc of your favs for the Best of Sesame Street Gold Edition that you've been coveting from me. "Cookie, Cookie, Cookie starts with C"

  4. Girl con Queso says:

    Em, You know how to get my attention. (That's good enough for me!) Consider it done.

  5. KCG says:

    I am very afraid of Betsy.

  6. Betsy says:

    You should be, Germer.! Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Gwen Stefani are looking for you!Years of teaching America's Teen Youth corrupted me. Look for my online seminar detailing the nuanced differences between the Bacckstreet Boys, N Sync, LFO, and 98 Degrees. And I still think Laura made up half of her bands.

  7. Girl con Queso says:

    Maybe, Betsy. Maybe.

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