It's The Most Wonderful Week of the Year!

Now that all the Holidaying has been Holidayed, we’re entering into my favorite week of the year.

I just love this week. It’s The Container Store of weeks. The week when you’re wrapping up the old and looking forward to the new. With a clean slate. A cleanish slate. And I’m looking straight at my office, or lack of one. I’m thinking that creating one for myself is high on my 2010 list. Here are a few that inspire me. (Almost all the photos are from The Container Store website.)I don’t know what it is about orange, but it makes me want to be more productive. And eat oranges.

This one makes that Tetris-loving part of me oh so stinkin’ satisfied.
Everything in it’s right place, indeed.
I love the light on this one from 15 Inspirational Home Offices by Steve Mullen. Oh those windows! My kingdom for those windows! I’m putting excellent fenestration on my 2010 list too. Oh yes I am.

And then, once I figure out a little workspace, I’m going to tackle the closet.
God help me.

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”*
―Christopher Reeve

*I read that quote today on Twitter. Nice, huh? Lots of other ideas here from Real Simple.

**Also, Real Simple and The Container Store did not pay me to write any of this. They’re just inspiring me today.
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6 Responses to It's The Most Wonderful Week of the Year!

  1. Petit Elefant says:

    I love the orange, it's so bright and cheerful, and full of possibilities.Oh, the home office, it eludes me.

  2. Rayne of Terror says:

    I've been thinking about a home office this week too. I have so many electronic toys now and two young boys. I think everything would be safer if it has a place besides the living room coffee table.

  3. Mocha says:

    Oh, so pretty and clean and neat. You've inspired me to buy boxes and containers, but I'm not sure I'll actually put anything IN them.

  4. Sara A Broers says:

    These colors are awesome! Makes me want to reorganize…..Time to get serious, thanks for the push!

  5. Nicole Heimel says:

    I don't know why but I'm in love with blue. It's relaxing and makes me kinda creative. I wish I had enough space at home so I could easily organize my workplace.Thanks for sharing :)

  6. MDTaz says:

    What is it about all those pictures? Who ever has an office like that? (Nobody I've ever known.) I'm staring at them salivating. It's eye candy for the compulsive would-be-organized among us. Ah, to have even one corner of my life that with such order and aesthetics!

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