It's Not a Party Unless You Go Home with Confetti in Your Underwear.

We had about 75 birthday partiers over on Saturday to celebrate the Hurricane. And I venture to bet that most went home to discover
guts in their undergarments. I know I did.
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14 Responses to It's Not a Party Unless You Go Home with Confetti in Your Underwear.

  1. s@bd says:

    Best EVER.And, those cookies look AMAZING.Now I want to do that …

  2. Lady M says:

    I want frosting blue enough to paint tongues too! Looks like a great party.

  3. Kristen says:

    Holy cow, 75?!! You are brave. BRAVE. That cake looked awesome.

  4. Sandra says:

    Looks like fun! And its all about the blue tongue.

  5. Super Zoe says:

    So bummed I missed it but am looking forward to cashing in my raincheck (hurricane check?) this weekend!!

  6. Fizzle says:

    No, no. Not at all Queso-ita. I'm not offended that my invitation didn't come. That my tongue wasn't blue. I mean, I was out of town anyway, that's probably what you were thinking. Oh wait, or is it that Texas/California thing?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Will there be more party pics on the Hurricane's official site?

  8. Girl con Queso says:

    Yes, I will. Eventually. Tonight. No tomorrow. Yeah. Tomorrow. And we have tons of them. Tons. Lots of shots of lots of different people (who didn't get posted here, so as to protect the guilty and all.) And. Sorry for the delay.

  9. Mommy off the Record says:

    Wow, looks like everyone had a blast! A party really isn't a party until you break out the pinata, that's what I say!

  10. Jenny says:

    Those cookies are freaking fantastic!And you had 75 people come to your house? You still aren't sober are you?

  11. laurie says:

    the hurricane is precious, and so handsome! love the confetti remains. a sure sign of a great party.

  12. owlhaven says:

    That's just too funny! Here from bub and pieMary, mom to many

  13. DeAnna says:

    75!! Oh my, I don't know if I could think of 75 people to invite to a birthday party. :) I love the cake. And he's the cutest little Hurricane!

  14. Miss Notesy says:

    that is funny!!! only thing I find in my underwear are ticks. perks of living in the woods.

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