I’m So Ready for Warm Weather Food

I’m So Ready for Warm Weather Food

I never thought I’d say it last summer, when it was over 100 for 89 days. But I’m ready for warm weather season again. More specifically, I’m ready for warm weather food.

Light. Cool. Grilling out. Because honestly, even I’m getting sick of soup. And carbs. And soup with lots of carbs. I think it’s all affecting my brain.

And I’m dying to try this.

Honestly, doesn’t that look amazing?

This whole Vicks campaign is doing it for me. Also, we were sick most of last month and I might have been a little obsessed with it and/or addicted to the liquid stuff. In a good way. I’m just saying.


This post is part of a partnership between myself and the Vicks brand as it launches Vick’s Nature Fusion, a new line of over-the-counter cold, cough and flu relief products. The alcohol- and gluten-free line bodyslams symptoms with a sweet and natural kick. As evidenced above, Vick’s has partnered with Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone to produce a series of videos featuring bloggers asking questions about the challenges of serving up healthy foods. And let’s keep it real, Curtis is pretty easy on the eyes and ears, so it makes YouTube completely tolerable. 

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