I’m Like a Room Without A Roof

May 12, 2015

Harry made this for me for Mother’s Day at school from the given prompt “My Mom Is…” And I’m honestly surprised he didn’t say “EXHAUSTED!” But I’ll take HAPPY. In one way, it’s the best compliment he could have given me, because it suggests that when he looks at my eyes looking back at him, I am. Happy.

And I am.

Mother’s Day is a fine enough holiday if only because it was created to encourage people to take a break from killing each other during the Civil War. And honestly, how can you argue with that? However, over the years, it has morphed into an often forced and potentially lovely Sunday lunch gathering of flowers and florals and all things maternal. It’s a nice sentiment that makes a lot of people sad because they’ve lost mothers or children or both. I get this. I’ve lost more children than I’ve had, and as much as I don’t want it to be, Mother’s Day is always a silently roaring reminder, rolling in a quiet storm of dark clouds. I always work to push through it, focus on the happy, and I am for sure thankful that I get to spend my day with my mom and my son. But I also understand the blue periods or blind rage that people feel. It’s a complicated day full of shiny, happy Facebook photos of multiple children and moms of all generations. Happy and sad at the same time.

Of course that really sums up life in general, doesn’t it? This one afternoon that produces hundreds of thousands of photos and a rush of every emotion available to us as humans. Beauty. Miracles. Tragedies. All rolled up into one gathering. It’s all there over a few short hours, and if you read too much Facebook in one sitting, it’s really exhausting. But if I get to choose…and I do…I’ll go with Harry’s vision.

I’ll choose happy.


On Mother’s Day, we swim. #Texas

There’s a lot to be happy for and about and with and through. I’m also really happy we don’t have to celebrate anything today. Although National Chicken Dance Day is tomorrow. So you’ll want to get ready for that.


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