I’m Just Glad I Wasn’t In The ‘Dogfighting Bust’ Story

I’m Just Glad I Wasn’t In The ‘Dogfighting Bust’ Story

Last week, The Houston Press proved its brilliance by writing its cover story on Houston’s Top Bloggers. The piece was written by the talented Catherine Matusow, and it very smartly opened with everyone’s BFF, The Bloggess. I somehow sneaked in on Page 4. Here’s the full line up:

  • Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess
  • Charles Kuffner, Off the Kuff
  • Robert Boyd, The Great God Pan is Dead
  • Gus Allen, Swamplot
  • Stephanie Stradley, Texans Chick
  • David Cobb, Houston Calling
  • Mark Bennett, Defending People
  • Laura Mayes, Blog Con Queso
  • Albert Nurick, H-Town Chow Down
  • Nishta Mehra, Blue Jean Gourmet
  • Of course there are TONS more fantastic H-Town Blogs…Tons.

    And here are 25 more…My own little Houston’s Top Bloggers Extended Dance Mix version. Big hits, in no particular order:

  • Karen Walrond, Chookooloonks
  • Brene Brown, Ordinary Courage
  • Katherine Center, Katherine Center
  • Monica Danna, Cosmopolitician
  • Maggie McDonald, Mags Mac &  Cheese
  • Lauren McKechnie, Lauren McKechnie
  • Amber Roussel, Pure Amber
  • Mr. Lady, Whiskey in My Sippy Cup
  • Erica O’Grady, Reinventing Erica
  • Chris Pitrie, Texas Madman
  • Julie Pippert, The Artful Flower
  • Jay Rascoe, Guns and Tacos
  • Ron Mattocks, Clark Kent’s Lunchbox
  • Dan Joyce, Audio ADD
  • Christine Selleck Tremoulet, Big Pink Cookie
  • Ed Schipul, Ed Schipul
  • Katie Laird, Happy Katie
  • Misty Khan, Arrow Tips
  • Imelda Bettinger, Imeda Bettinger
  • Kelsey Ruger, The Moleskin
  • Marc Nathan, Bullblog
  • Jason Armstrong, Elegant Machines
  • Matthew Wettergreen, Matthew Wettergreen
  • Grace Rodriguez, Grace Rodriguez
  • Courtney Smith Barton, Inside the Loop (So, she’s now living in Kuala Lumpur. Details.)
  • Awesome Houston blogs, right? I think so too.

    Let me know if there are any other great H-Town blogs I should be reading.

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    16 Responses to I’m Just Glad I Wasn’t In The ‘Dogfighting Bust’ Story

    1. elz says:

      Karen was the most noticeable omission. There are a number of great decor blogs based in Houston, like Cote’D Texas (Joanie lives in West U) and my friend T’s blog, http://www.morningt.blogspot.com. T is pretty rad and beautiful as well. I’d also include Layla Grace Marsh (her family), in terms of the sheer amount of people involved in her story and the fight against cancer. One day I will be on the list too!

    2. Kyla says:

      Great list. As for recos, I’m partial to mine. ;)

    3. Awesome list. How am I so fortunate to know almost every single one of these super cool people? Oh yeah, cuz I live in Houston and it rocks.

    4. Christine says:

      I still remember that article about Matt – I was quoted in it, talking about him & WordPress. Ahhh… the good ol’ days! Hard to believe I’ve been blogging almost 10 years! Nice to be on the new list – thanks Houston Press!

    5. Misty Khan says:

      Congrats, Laura! I feel honored to even be included on a list with you and some of the other brilliant folks named!

    6. Thanks, pal! xoxoxo

    7. Steph. says:

      Hey, thanks for the great list! My blog’s out there if you ever want to check it out! cattywampuslife.com

    8. Barchbo says:

      Is that David Cobb of Houston Calling my friend David Cobb from college?! Cool!

      Of course, you are cool too. Everyone knows. But I didn’t know everyone knew Cobb was cool. Because he is.

      Cote De Texas is such a huge influence in the design blog sphere – like Elz, I am surprised it wasn’t included.

      I also really love Inside the Loop – I’ve missed it since she has moved abroad and become so busy.

      Great list! Thanks!

    9. Funny how some of my favourite blogs (heck, some of my favourite people in the world) all reside in Houston.

      Y’all must have good water or something.

    10. Kathryn says:

      Love it that I have all these new blogs to check out now. I’m a :oustonblogger if you want to check out my blog. I think a houston blogger meetup would be awesomely fun!

    11. Erica M says:

      Thanks for the list! I blog, I’m from Houston. Never thought of myself as a Houston blogger. May be time for a little rebranding. Found your blog through a tweet from Mr Lady.

    12. Gee golly thanks for the mention. That’s a pretty prestigious list of bloggers. Now I’ve got a few more people I can physically stalk from the comfort of my minivan. =-)

    13. Oh and where are my manners. Congrats on making the list. Well-deserved indeed.

    14. I love you!!!! Thank you for the inclusion :) Houston is missing you.

    15. Thanks for including me in this Laura! U rock.

    16. Fayza says:

      I would’ve included She Eats (http://sheeats.wordpress.com), for sure, but I’m guessing they couldn’t include her on their list for, um, obvious reasons.

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