I’m Addicted to Carbs

I’m Addicted to Carbs

I think it’s fairly well documented that I love carbs. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned however that I come from a long line of people who loved carbs…and who had diabetes and heart disease and all manner of things, and you’ll not I’m using the past tense, because they’re no longer here.

I take after my dad’s side of the family. We have great super dark hair that doesn’t fall out or turn grey, but we also have substantial hips and crappy whatever it is in your body that processes sugar. As a result, I shouldn’t really eat it (or drink it) and that includes bread and rice and pasta and everything else that’s right with the world.

I even attempt to give up pizza. This is a real bummer for all kinds of reasons. But I think I could do this.

Really thin crust…maybe there’s even some kind of low sugar, whole wheat crust option that’s not terrible. I need to look into that.

In the meantime, I might add pizza back into my mix. Especially if I only add topics from my backyard. That’s an interesting challenge. I’ll let you know if I slip into some kind of weird sugar coma.


This post is part of a partnership between myself and the Vicks brand as it launches Vick’s Nature Fusion, a new line of over-the-counter cold, cough and flu relief products. The alcohol- and gluten-free line bodyslams symptoms with a sweet and natural kick. As evidenced above, Vick’s has partnered with Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone to produce a series of videos featuring bloggers asking questions about the challenges of serving up healthy foods. And let’s keep it real, Curtis is pretty easy on the eyes and ears, so it makes YouTube completely tolerable. 

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