I Missed All The Days.

I Missed All The Days.

I missed Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Somethingwhatever Sunday and now Cyber Monday ends in about five minutes. And I’m still on like Two Weeks Ago Wednesday before Camp Mighty Friday and Thanksgiving Thursday and bloody hell, what day is it? And how the hell did it get to be 5:30 pm? Where did the day go? And where did the year go? And how am I going to get last January’s resolutions done in the next 36 days?

Is it just me?

Let’s start over.

Oh. Jenny and I are going to do something fun this week. I’ll start there. Tomorrow.

The Days

2 Responses to I Missed All The Days.

  1. Amber says:

    I second that emotion.

  2. HAH. Thank you. I’m there with you!!!

    Where does time go? How do people get things done (I am now with toddler and newborn – can I get anything else done besides keeping them alive)?



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