I Always Wait Until the Last Second to Make An Advent Calendar.

I Always Wait Until the Last Second to Make An Advent Calendar.

I really like the whole concept behind Advent calendars. For starters, Advent. Like it. For second, candy. I’m in.

Last year, we made two. Using barely any skill or money.

The first for getting.

The second for giving.

This year, I think we’ll bring back the “giving back” one, but I did something different on the other.

I used only material we already had in the house, because I did this last minute, and because I didn’t want to buy anything. Except I bought all of the treats a few weeks ago when I purchased Advent grab bags from Maggie Mason and Rena Tom to support Charity : Water. I love the end result.

I’m in the process of making my office into a guest bedroom, and just moved most of the furniture out of it. So right now it’s sort of The Advent Room. It’s true that I may a procrastinating non-traditional Advent celebrator…as I wrote about right here, ahem…but then again, I have an ENTIRE ADVENT ROOM! At least for the next few days.

Nuevo Queso, The Details

9 Responses to I Always Wait Until the Last Second to Make An Advent Calendar.

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  2. Miss Britt says:

    I am eternally awed by your creativity.

    Where awed is ENVIOUS AS HELL.

  3. Cindy says:

    Making the advent is a brilliant idea. Except when it’s my husband’s because has an idea for a sandwich a day advent. I bought mine for $.99 at Trader Joe’s this year (hanging head in shame).

  4. LOVE the idea of having two advent calendars: one for giving, one for getting. I may have to steal that idea when the kids are a little older.

  5. Andrea Howe says:

    I always procrastinate too, but this year I actually got my butt in gear and made one! bring it on countdown, I’m read for you!

  6. Judy Woods says:

    Love where you place this, Laura. Bet when that morning sun comes in it looks like stained glass.

  7. barchbo says:

    I cannot wait to do Advent calendars with my son! Right now, he would just gnaw on them.

  8. DalaiLina says:

    I love the idea of making your own advent calendar! My kids are obsessed with the tiny bit of chocolate they get a day and I know I could do better than that!

  9. Leigh Ann says:

    These are genius! So creative. I’ve been trying to make one for like 2 years now, but, well I’m lazy. These ideas are perfect…for next year. Or hopefully before my kids are out of the house.

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