I’ve got some bad news, and then I’ve got some really bad news, and then I’ve got some better news involving chocolate game controllers and brownies.

Remember how I said 2007 is the year of pink? Well, with all the bad news we’ve been getting recently, I’d say it’s turning grey. Grey like the color your hands turn when you’ve read too many newspapers.

Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s a lot of strange, sad, stuff going on out there?

Bad news has definitely been drifting in and out of our house this year. We’ve felt it personally; but we also read it a lot, we also hear it a lot. And even though I’m a borderline obnoxious silver-lining person…and even though I know that we’re beyond blessed….and even though I really know things could be a hell of a lot worse… well, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the artist in me. But all this grey news is bringing me down.

For instance, on my eight-block commute this morning, I heard four promos for death and destruction at noon, five, six and ten…

  • “A waiter tests positive for Hepatitis A, exposing thousands of diners. Could you be one of them?”
  • “Innocent motorist shot dead while driving with children on freeway. Could this happen to you?”
  • “Wicked weather! Is it coming this way? Find out. And find out what you can do to survive.”
  • “Is your toothpaste killing you? Maybe.”
  • “House plants…you think they’re your friends…but they may be killing your family. Tune in later to find out.”

These are real by the way. Not one made up. I copied and pasted each one of them from the front page of one local news station’s Web site. Truth is stranger than fiction and all that.

So what I’m hearing is, my plants, my toothpaste, the weather, a waiter, and any random motorist could kill me at any second. But I really need to wait until six to find out how to prevent it. (No wonder this grey cloud won’t go away.)

So I’m jumping on the bandwagon and asking it to take me to the good news.

When the HcQ wants some good news or a cool stuff heads ups, he goes to Slashdot or Digg or Del.icio.us. However, hearing about the future of packaging software in Linux or a chocolate Wii controller just doesn’t do it for me.

So I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be excellent if there was a site like Digg or Del.icio.us or Slashdot for things I like, news I want to hear, stuff I care about?

I need a portal for good news.

You got one?

Do tell.


And now for some sweet news…

Well, it’s sweet if you’re Much More Than A Mom.

And really, aren’t we all? So that’s good news.

But if you’re THE Much More Than a Mom that said, “mmmm. Yes please.” in the Great Brownie Giveaway comment. Then, guess what. You won!

Oh but here’s some more good news. The Hurricane “accidentally” picked two names out of the sandbucket (and since I can’t be the one to decide which should be the winner, and it’s only fair because obviously there were supposed to be two winners) so then that means there’s another winner…

That’s right. Karen Rani who said, “Whoohoo! Flipping WW both birds.” is also a big brownie winner.

So congrats girls. Email me at helloqueso at gmail dot com to claim your treats. And everyone else, stay tuned for more good news and more fun giveaways.

In the meantime, tell me something good.

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11 Responses to I’ve got some bad news, and then I’ve got some really bad news, and then I’ve got some better news involving chocolate game controllers and brownies.

  1. Becky says:

    My toothpaste and my houseplants could be killing me? They seem like such nice teeth cleaners and green species. Shocking.Sigh.It really is ridiculous.

  2. CPA Mom says:

    man, the brownies, I could have used this week. guess I'll have to order my own!! teheheheI get a daily email from happy news.com always good headlines. always uplifting.

  3. mark says:

    CPA mom beat me to sharing happynews.com – but I find just not watching or reading the news is the best. I pick up the big headlines and anything that interests me off the major news websites and that's enough. Admittedly, I get the Nightly News podcast from NBC, but I never actually tune in to watch any news on TV. Radio? That's iPod time. Maybe adding some humorous podcats would be good too. Don't be grey GcQ.

  4. mommiebear2 says:

    *singing* Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go dooowwwnnn….. :)

  5. Much More Than A Mom says:

    Yay! Thanks so much! I'll email you asap.

  6. jon p. says:

    some happy news? well, my princess turns four years old today! and there's nothing happier, shinier or brighter than a four-year old little girl's Tinkerbell themed birthday party (complete with real live Tink herself). i could prescribe you a full battery of pictures of the grand event if you'd like… just say the word.just keep swimming!

  7. Super Zoe says:

    Top Ten Happy Things for Today:1. I am alive! Makes that hacking cough of mine seem not so bad!2. I have a supercute new niece! She is hilarious!3. I am in love. (I know – I gag me, too.)4. I am wearing a SPRING TOP today – spring is coming!5. Tonight I get to sleep in my own bed!6. Since I have a cough, I get to have soup and read!7. None of my single friends are having major love-life crises!!8. I can buy Diet Coke whenever I want – yay free market economy!9. I never have to be in eighth grade again! WOOHOO!10. GcQ is one of my favorite, most anmazing and delightful friends!!!Happy Monday!!

  8. Julie Pippert says:

    It's where you live.My first observation upon moving here was: good grief, either this is the most crime-ridden place I've ever lived or the newscasters have an unhealthy obsession with the macabre.I haven't decided which it is, actually.However, anecdotally, 2007 has been a year with many opportunities (aka challenges).Chocolate is always good news.Otherwise there are always the Humor Blogs at delicious and goodblogs for a laugh (usually).You can also check http://www.refdesk.com/ for more links (but skim over any AP headlines or "bad" news to the bottom.)

  9. laurie says:

    heh. clever queso.

  10. Lady M says:

    A "chocolate of the month" club might be the best regularly arriving news. Yum.

  11. Jenny says:

    This is why I don't watch the news anymore. I get all my news from blogs. By the way, is Bush still president?The good news: The pinkeye is fading, the salmonella peanut butter has been identified and this post made me crack the hell up. Good job, sister.

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