How to Throw a Party in Texas. (The SXSW Girl-Guy Party Edition)

How to Throw a Party in Texas. (The SXSW Girl-Guy Party Edition)

If you’re planning to throw a party in Texas…specifically at SXSW…here are a few things that might help:

1. Interesting People. See above photo for 12 of them. Then add 12 + 438 = Awesome. Especially that dude in the lower right box. He’s a swell Guy to partner with when you’re ready to party.

(Feeling Happy with Gretchen Rubin)

2. A Rad Location. In our case, Allens Boots.

3. Good Music. Because this is SXSW, it is particularly important. Last year, we had Diane Birch, and look what happened to her. This year, we featured Bo Cox, who I predict will be bigger than Botox. Thank you Bo Cox. Thank you, Culture Map.

4. Excellent Food. Of course this is always important. And this year, we had a real chuckwagon serving up delights. Oh yes we did. Thanks, YouData and Werkadoo!

5. Swell Booze. Thanks to Shiner, and Canopy Management wines, Purple Cowboy and Middle Sister Wines.

6. A Photo Booth. This is particular entertaining when it occurs after the Swell Booze (see #5).

7. Plenty of Hay. If only so you can spend the day saying “Haaaaaaaaaayyy!” to everyone’s complete annoyance. Trust me, that’s fun.

Hugemongo thanks to these great companies who made the whole hoedown possible: Thank you again to: HP/@hp, Sticker Giant/@stickergiant, Starbucks/@starbucks, Realzi/@realzi, Culture Map/@culturemap, and Allens Boots/@allensboots! As well as Shiner/@shinerbeer, Evamor/@evamor, Bright Sky Press/ @brightskypress , YouData/@YouData, Werkadoo/@werkadoo and Canopy Management wines!

Y’all come next year!

(All photos completely stolen from Guy Kawasaki and Karen Walrond and KK, the best photobooth photographer ever. )

Nuevo Queso, The Details

8 Responses to How to Throw a Party in Texas. (The SXSW Girl-Guy Party Edition)

  1. I managed to reign in my jealousy over not being able to attend SXSW. Until now.

    I am now seething with envy and vowing to find a way to get there next year even if it means hauling a disabled kid alongside me.

    It was the hay that did it.

    Everyone loves a good roll in the hay.

  2. Mainline Mom says:

    Also very very jealous. Probably could’ve come too, had I not just returned from a week of ditching my kids and hubby for work in Puerto Rico. Next year for sure.

  3. Fayza says:

    Well, on behalf of CultureMap, you’re welcome! Thank you for having us along for the awesome ride. The Kirtsy/Alltop party is always a good time.

  4. Anne Lupton says:

    Do you think Bo Cox might sell more records if he spelled his name Beau Cocks? I do.

  5. laura says:

    Oh Anne Lupton, I do, I do. Brilliant! You should be in marketing or something.

  6. Barchbo says:

    Another fabulous party! Always a highlight of the SXSW events!

  7. What a fabulous party. What fabulous pictures. Next year, I will be there.

  8. Ohthejoys says:

    That was a really fun party… but I over indulged in the Via and was WIDE AWAKE until 5:00 a.m. That stuff is SERIOUS.

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