Holiday Wrap Up

Holiday Wrap Up

It’s been a busy month, but the presents are wrapped… the stockings are hung (all 14 and a half of them)…and I’m in Nashville, TN with my extended dance mix family for a Happy Holiday. Here’s hoping you and yours are warm and cozy. I’ll leave you with some last minute Holiday writings and wish you and yours a happy everything…

Cross 3 Things off the Christmas List with 1 Smart Idea. 

8 Cute Ways to Wrap Kids Gifts : How to Make Clothes Gifts Less Lame / More Awesome For Kids

10 Shiny Items to Distract Your Child From Weird Plastic Items

10 Little Girl Dresses that I Really Want in My Size

Photo from Wed Over Heels.

How To Finish Your Holiday Shopping In Just a Few Hours

How To Raise a Thankful Kid

How To Raise A Kid That Gives Back

A Quick Note to Elf On the Shelf Overachievers

10 Holiday Cards I’d Send If I Actually Sent Holiday Cards

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Mamamia says:

    Yay! The wrapping with the stripe and numbers concept looks pretty cool! It’s such a good idea! I wish I’ve seen this post before or during those holiday seasons… But I guess I’m going to do it next time! :) Thanks for sharing!

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