Holiday Hack: Hauling Out the Holly.

Holiday Hack: Hauling Out the Holly.

Okay, I think it’s technically not holly. From what I understand, Holly is sharp and hurts people (the plant, not Hugh Hefner’s ex girlfriend). I think this is technically garland. If you’ve ever spent time in London over the Holidays you may have noticed that almost every doorway is adorned with living pine draperies of awesome. They’re imperfect, they’re unique, and they smell amazing. This kind of live garland is super hard to find in the states (at least around here), and when I have spotted it, it has been priced at about 4,000 times more than what I would ever pay. So. Last year, I did this little hack and it worked out so well, I rocked it out again this weekend. First, I started with this horrible plastic garland that I purchased at the dollar store.

It has lights included. It’s ugly (it’s actually even more ugly in person, trust me). And it was $5.

Then I got out the bakers twine and cut off a few branches from the bottom of our Christmas tree.

I began to tie the pieces of cut branch to the plastic garland. Along with ornaments. And love. Etc.

It’s nice, yes?

I didn’t even clip off the baker’s twine very well. I don’t even care.

Even if the crappy plastic garland shows up in some spots, the overall effect is so great it doesn’t matter.

The house smells amazing. And if I squint, I can almost believe I’m at the Gore Hotel in London. Or at least believe that these incredibly decked halls cost me more than $10.

Nuevo Queso, The House

5 Responses to Holiday Hack: Hauling Out the Holly.

  1. Judy Woods says:

    I think I can smell the pine garland aroma all the way in Garland.

  2. I love the garland and the sconce full of bulbs. Love!

  3. barchbo says:

    I love it! It looks wonderful! And let’s face it, “overall effect” is what it’s all about, right?

    And thanks for the London reference. As soon as Archie is old enough, I have forced my husband to commit to a London Christmas.

  4. It looks beautiful.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Really good idea!

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