Hi. You’re Pretty.

Hi. You’re Pretty.

Dear Kirtsy:

After years of being meh to ARGGHH! about the looks you, I must say, I’m pretty much obsessed with your aesthetics these days. I set you as my home page to greet me each morning, because, well you’re so shiny. And happy. And MWAH! I could just to eat you up. But not in a gross way. In an awesome way.

Thanks for being so pretty.



The Snapshots

2 Responses to Hi. You’re Pretty.

  1. barchbo says:

    LOVE the new Kirtsy! All goodness – no spam. And that goodness is pretty out of control.

  2. zulma says:

    Boy is it pretty…I have to figure out how to make it my home page bc seeing pretty things first thing will inspire the day

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