Hi. I'm Laura. Let's Talk Business.

Photo of me, taken by my talented pal Karen Walrond
at my new favorite playground, New York City

Hi. I’m Laura. And I blog here. On this blog. This blog that is sometimes neglected or completely kicking ass, depending on the day and the year. This blog that is about everything, or nothing, but mostly about the stuff in the middle. Stuff with cheese.

When I started writing here three years ago, I was a working mom of a newborn who was trying to convince herself that having a newborn wouldn’t change anything. Nope. Nothing new to see here. Everything’s just the same. See?

But then everything changed. And changed again. And one more time. And currently, I’m a constantly changing mother of one who feels likes she’s growing as fast as her almost four-year-old son. In time. In space. Inevitably.

It’s hard to describe.

And for some reason, recently, it’s been even a little more difficult. Because these days things just keep getting bigger and deeper and changier all the time. And it’s hard to define a movement while it’s happening.

Plus, then, there’s always the back story. The real story. The story where the axioms don’t combine into a direct proof. This recently hit me, as careening into the unexpected wall can do, when someone introduced me as “you know, the businessy one.”

The businessy one. Really?

The truth is, I don’t exactly know what that means, but it feels sorta boxy. Beige. Banal. Because the businessy one swam naked in oceans. She danced on tables. She never took one business class, but has screamed entire Whitman poems off the Cliffs of Dover. She’s served in an industrial kitchen for two summers and on a federal jury for nine months. She twirled fire batons. She sang a drunken Monkees duet onstage with Allan Williams at the Cavern Club, for Chrissakes. Daydream believer. And the businessy one.

And I bring all this up because you’ll get it. Because, of course, we all have a back story. And it’s made up of the details we pick up as we go.

This blog is about all that. Plus, you know, other things. Things I run across, people I run into, ideas that run past me while I’m running full tilt into the present tense. These are the notes I take along the way.

It’s sort of like a grocery list. Only with life. And cheese. Always with cheese. But now with less tagline. Because the cheese no longer stands alone.

It’s a new Queso. With more Habenero, and less Velveeta. And I mean business.

*Huge shout-outs and thanks to Chookooloonks and Laid-off Dad for combining their indomitable skills to create the best new blog banner in all the land. Cool huh?

The Details

9 Responses to Hi. I'm Laura. Let's Talk Business.

  1. Deb says:

    Salut!I needed to read this (isn't it funny how blogs work?)

  2. Heather B. says:

    The photo and the post are so you. I like seeing your silly side and your business side in one. I like the way you operate, Laura Mayes.

  3. Barchbo says:

    Great post! And of course you're changing – in awesome ways! I know this because, "the axioms don't combine into a direct proof."Dude, you just used MATH to describe your life. Seriously. Kiss THAT, Before Burns! English majors can do math, too – we just use it in English-y ways! (Well, you do. I don't.)You rock. And PS: I still love Before Burns.

  4. James Mayes says:

    I'm calling bullshit on Laura's use of "axiom" and "proof". Fess up! Google helped you! :)

  5. gwen bell says:

    I'm in love with it/you!!!

  6. Girl con Queso says:

    Deb. For sure. Heather B. Right back atcha, babe. Barchbo. Totally. But of course I primarily employ math metaphorically. And Before Burns rules! After Burns drools. James. Shut it. I might not be able to add, but I do know math's vocabulary. (Please now refer to Barchbo's comment. Thank you.)

  7. LOD says:

    Love that photo. And I'd like to say, for the record, that she stuck the dismount.

  8. Girl con Queso says:

    And I only knocked down three kids and two parenting bloggers in the process! Score! Alex was the real Queen of the dismount…and she presided fairly over the entire kingdom of swingsets.

  9. jennster says:

    loves and SO happy to see you back in a big way and kicking ass, right? RIGHT?! lol

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