Hello, San Francisco! Here I Come!

Remember how I said that I was going to keep it going in December. Well, I so am. Starting today. Right after I board this plane for San Francisco, the Golden Gate City, the Painted Lady City, the Adult Disneyland City. Actually, what is SF’s official name? Le Google didn’t turn up any immediate and obvious results. But surely it has an official name. Until this can be uncovered, I’m calling it the Seal Rock City. And I’m heading there today for the last stop on the 2009 Kirtsy Book Tour of Justice. The event will be at (Jordan) Ferney Studios. My lovely pal Gabrielle Blair will be there. The great Robert Oatley Vineyards will be supplying the wine. And I’m staying with Maggie. She will be supplying the fun. If you’re anywhere near the Seal Rock City, join us tomorrow night! Also, the lovely image above is from vgm8383’s flickr stream, buy this SF print!

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6 Responses to Hello, San Francisco! Here I Come!

  1. Barchbo says:

    I thought San Francisco was "The City by the Bay" but I could be wrong.Have a fabulous time!

  2. Barchbo says:

    San Francisco Nicknames(According to Wikipedia)City by the Bay FriscoThe City That Knows How Baghdad by the Bay (?)The Paris of the WestSF even has it's own motto:Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerrawhich means"Gold in Peace, Iron in War"How weird is that?!This Nerd Report was brought to you by Barchbo.

  3. Robin Paoli says:

    Laura, it's simply The City. For real: just call it The City. Caps. Never, never call it Frisco. And: Welcome to the City. Glad you're here. Please call if I can help with anything.

  4. Lady M says:

    Have a wonderful time! I'm sorry I won't be able to drive up to your signing. Will have to settle for bringing you a copy to sign at BlogHer next year.

  5. Ed T. says:

    Laura, is that your image of the Golden Gate? It is teh awesome!

  6. Barchbo says:

    BcQ, between you and me, we know "The City" is on the other coast – we'll still need to go with an alternate moniker.I think I am going to go with, "San Francisco".

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