Have a Champagne Toast in New York. Check.

Have a Champagne Toast in New York. Check.

You know on my 40 before I’m 40 list, #22 is “Throw a big party in NYC.” Well, I though I’d start small and practice a bit. So a few weeks ago, I helped throw a cocktail party at the Ace Hotel in NYC with Federated Media (photos here, many of which I stole for this post).

It was great to have some of my BFFs from home there.

And one of my super cool Kirtsy partners., Gabrielle Blair

(Babies are the new black, BTW)

(Also the new black…being named one of Time’s Best Sites of 2010! Go Design Mom!)

It was a really fun way to get together with some friends in NYC before the gigantic BlogHer conference.

Liz and Kristen from Cool Mom Picks (and Mom 101 and Motherhood Uncensored) stopped in. Gorgeousness.

And my superhero Liz Stanley.

The woman whom I’ve had on speed dial for the last two months (along with Jordan Ferney above), while putting together a collection of 84 pieces of art to be auctioned off for Gulf Coast Cleanup. It was fun to talk to her about something else for a few minutes.

She’s standing in front of the bathroom that I am stealing.

Heather Barmore looks like she’s up to something here.

And wouldn’t you love to know what Alice and Natalie are hearing back there. It appears to be both shocking and hilarious.

Joanna Goddard opened her first bottle of champagne

(I assume not the first she’s consumed, just the first she’s opened by herself)

And then Jenny promptly drank it.

(And friends, the Mumm champagne was over-the-top yum. My favorite: the red. Red champagne! Seriously.)

Speaking of champagne, I picked up some pomegranate seeds at a little shop on the way to the event.

Pomegranate seeds in champagne = Perfection.

I’ve been craving this almost every day since.

More perfection: Susan Wagner’s necklace.

Here’s another look at it, as she smiled with Chris Jordan (who lives up the road from me, but whom I never see except for when we’re in different states) and Happy Gretchen Rubin (who is 87 shades of awesome.)

And speaking of awesome, I give you: Isabel Kallman’s shoes.

Just think how awesome you would be if you wore these.

Think how high you could jump!

And on the subject of jumping, I’m not sure if this was because of the champagne or because of the shocking and hilarious news they were delivering a few photos above, but Zan and Antonia started to fling themselves out of the window.

Or perhaps they were just catcalling the neighbors.

It’s sometimes hard to tell.

Meanwhile, Jenny and also co-host Helen Jane and I were in the bathroom.

Of course, you may remember I am stealing this bathroom.

And Maggie and I toasted to Mighty Events.

It was a good time.

And you can win a super rad parting gift bag from this Federated Media cocktail party in New York.

A beautiful Lola Epiphanie camerabag stuffed with Photojojo’s Fuji Instax Mini 25 Instant Camera and film.

So amazing right?! I know. I hope you win it.

Just leave a message over at Mighty Girl (it’s linked here), and perhaps it could be yours. That would be awesome.

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7 Responses to Have a Champagne Toast in New York. Check.

  1. Amanda (ak) says:

    where oh where oh where can I get a necklace like chookooloonks’?? I MUST have one now! it’s so so so cute!!

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  3. So fun! Everyone looks fantastic!

  4. oh, Laura thank you for inviting me to a divine fete.

  5. jules says:

    So what I hear you saying is that I need to move to Texas…… And those shoes are FAB! And now, I need to try the pom seeds in champagne!

  6. Heather B. says:

    I always have a great time with you. Thank you for having me.

  7. Barchbo says:

    Another fabulous event with gorgeous ladies!

    Note: I celebrated my 40th with a champagne toast at Gramercy Tavern. I feel so on trend!

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