Happy Valentines Day!

Photo from Deviant Art
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  1. mommiebear2 says:

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  2. green like... says:

    Is that a plum??? that is the coolest picture! Happy valentines day. I love you. Love, plummy.

  3. green like... says:

    okay, so maybe its a rock, not a plum, or ceramic. I just thought it sort of looked like one and would be so cool if it was. Therefore, I think that its a yummy plum. I hope you and HcQ have a good ValentinescQ.

  4. Super Zoe says:

    Happy Valentine's Day!It makes me think of your pink and red Valentine's-colored bathroom at the G Ranch! Love to you and all the Queso clan!

  5. mamatulip says:

    Right back atcha!(is that a strawberry?)

  6. Emily says:

    Happy lovey day to you too!!!!

  7. Jennifer says:

    So pretty!

  8. shopper says:

    Hope you've had a happy day today! :)

  9. Lady M says:

    Love that picture!Have you had any time yet to play with the living room plans?

  10. LaLa says:

    I thought it was an apple?Happy Valentines Day my cheesy friend! x

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