Happy Friday

It’s my last day over at Design Mom’s place. And it’s been really fun. But two posts a day. Wow. I don’t see how these JLoHighProGlo or NaBloPoMo or whatever people are doing this. So while this has been a fantastic week in so many ways, I sure am happy it’s Friday. And that’s what I’m talking about at Design Mom’s place today. A few things I love, things I’m thankful for, things that make me happy this Friday. I’ll give you a little taste here of one of the things I’m completely digging today…Treats
I’ve always said that eating sushi is like eating chocolate. Now it really is. Yeah, that’s right. All this sushi IS chocolate. And you can find it here. Because candy that looks like sushi equals love.The above is made of white chocolate, dark chocolate and other yummy sweets. Even that plate is white chocolate and incredibly edible. Yum!

So that’s me. Or at least that’s one of the things making my day. The rest of my list is over at Design Mom’s. But more importantly, what’s making you happy this Friday?

Oh. And happy Friday.

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11 Responses to Happy Friday

  1. jennster says:

    omg, i JUST got back from the largest lunch ever- and now.. PICS OF FOOD.. nooooo!

  2. Nat says:

    I've never had sushi (not very brave) but chocolate sushi I can definitely handle!

  3. Rhonda says:

    OMG…that is so cool! My girlfriends are all sushi addicts…what a great gift idea. Thanks!

  4. Lady M says:

    I love this sushi candy. Thanks for the link!

  5. Super Zoe says:

    What a cute idea!! I love the concept!!! It's too pretty to eat…did you taste it?!Kudos con queso for all of your double-blogging. I am tired at the thought…I can barely manage commenting! You are so fabulous!

  6. Mommy off the Record says:

    Sushi candy? My two favorite foods all rolled into one! Awesome!

  7. mad muthas says:

    has anyone come up with sushi that looks like chocolate? actually, say you didn't realise and took a big bite! that could be horrid … and almost (i stress ALMOST) put you off chocolate for life. how was the mommy wars seminar thingy? where was it? we're not as actualised on this topic as you lot – yet – but i hope it'll come. i'd love to hear about it. hey you'll be glad to hear that i went back to the tate – withe my sister – and went down the lowest slide (bottled out of the higher ones). it was verrrrry fast! but felt quite elated afterwards! a really good laugh …

  8. KCG says:

    Chocolate in the shape of raw fish? Interesting. It would be more surprising to make sushi look like chocolate. Imagine taking a bite into a Snickers only to discover it was seaweed full of salmon roe.I'm also a big fan of toothpaste that tastes like anchovies or goat cheese.

  9. KCG says:

    Oops, I should have read all the comments before I commented … it looks like Mad Muthas and I think alike.

  10. Jenny says:

    Mmmm…that looks luscious. Except for the last one. I hate that stuff. Looks pretty but tastes like bath bubbles. Maybe the chocolate version would be better.

  11. Girl con Queso says:

    Mad Muthas, I did go. And I will write something about it. But now I'm reading the book because I think I want to read the book before I post about it. But all in all, interesting seminar. More to come.

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