Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Since I’m not drinking margaritas this May 5th (for no good reason), I’m enjoying my Cinco de Mayo with Etsy, Sliding Doors, Bridget Jones & Sense and Sensibility. This is ridiculous and obviously absent of celebratory theme except that all the movies happen to be set in London. Which is clearly not very Cinco de Mayo at all. CdM: FAIL! But here’s what I’d buy on Etsy, if I were properly drinking a margarita (on the rocks, as any sane person should).

The above lovely from aymujer.

And this bracelet from ShrunkenCatHead.
The light blue patter from atelierBB
Margarita daisy glasses from moontinis
They’re so happy, aren’t they?
Frida Kahlo magnets from missbutler.
Let’s Dance giftags from wearwolf.

I am, however, reading though the final edits of the kirtsy book, which contains a fantastic margarita recipe. So there is hope for next year.


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  1. Barchbo says:

    SLIDING DOORS?! BRIDGET JONES?! Online shopping?! Jane Austen?!Sounds like you are celebrating early – the lesser known and far more unusual – Betsy De Mayo!Celebrated the Tuesday after Cinco de Mayo it is actually one of my fave holidays. This year we will be commemorating the day with going to the new Max's Wine Dive here and seeing RENT. Broadway musicals are practically the official entertainment of Betsy de Mayo. Of course.Ole, dudes!

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