Hands On Small Business

Hands On Small Business

Every other week or so, the gals behind Kirtsy get asked how the heck we started and run a business from different locations around the country. Or maybe they ask us why we do this. I can’t remember. But the point is, we get these kinds of questions a lot.
So sometime last summer, we had the idea to host a few small gatherings in a few cities to show our friends exactly how easy it is now to start, run and/or promote a small business online.

We talked with the good people at Microsoft Office Live and they agreed. In fact, we use Office Live to organize things, so we knew that they knew what we were talking about. And they did. So they saw our few events idea and raised it to a whole new level…100 events in 20 cities in 6 weeks. We laughed. They said they were serious. And away we went.With 27 teachers, we jumped in. These amazing women started teaching about how to build a totally free website with Microsoft Office Live, as well as cloud computing and file sharing, then a little about Twitter and a little about promotional ideas on Kirtsy.

And the Hands on Small Business sessions just keep getting better and better. 92 down. 8 to go. Six more happening this week:

Boston on Dec. 1

Portland on Dec. 1

Oklahoma City on Dec. 3

Chicago on Dec. 4

Little Rock on Dec. 5

Houston on Dec. 9

And if you can’t make those, we have one more big announcement thanks to Office Live. In January, Amie Adams will be leading two more virtual HOSB sessions. So no matter where you’re located, you can catch HOSB LIVE on your computer.

Everywhere on Jan. 8

Everywhere on Jan. 12

As usual, they will all be free. And be great. And you’ll leave shocked that you just go so much great info and met so many fab new people…for free! So exciting. Find out more at the Hands On Small Business site. I’ll see you there!

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2 Responses to Hands On Small Business

  1. jennster says:

    THAT is fucking awesome!!!!

  2. Definately, don’t let your age stop you. If this is your dream or even if it is a stepping stone to your dreams… do it and don’t let nobody hold you back!

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