Guess Who Is Keynoting Camp Mighty? (Hint: They Are The New Black)

Guess Who Is Keynoting Camp Mighty?         (Hint: They Are The New Black)

Piper Kerman and her husband, Larry Smith, “taken moments after I was released from prison.”

I developed a new addiction this summer for about 36 hours. Or, actually that’s how long it took me to binge watch 13 Episodes of Netflix’s Orange is the New Black…but the addiction lingered. So, after I watched the season (in a day), I ordered the book. 

You should read the book.

Go ahead, go get it now.  

Okay. Got it? So back to the book. It’s great. In fact, I believe it’s better than the show. That’s right, I said it.

Now don’t get me wrong, the show is fantastic. Provocative…if not shocking. Surprising. Intense. Hilarious. It opens your mind up to a new world, of sorts. And, most importantly, it makes you think. All the things you hope any creative work will do.

But the book is real. It has a slower pace, a more reasonable pace, and it makes you think even more (more more more!) thoughts. In fact, I highly recommend the book over the show…and if you want to do both, but read the book first for sure.

So here’s what, in reading the book, I’m reading, I’m reading, and suddenly I realized how real the book is. Because I realized that I knew someone in the book…upon Interneting to confirm…it’s true. Years ago, I met the author Piper Kerman’s finance, now husband. Larry Smith, creator of Smith Magazine and the Six Word Memoir (and the upcoming Six Word Festival which I’ll be talking about more and more) back when Gabby and Laurie and I started Kirtsy. I recognized the names immediately, because in the book, people have real names…and people are real people.

And that’s the power of the story…the power of all stories.

And that’s what Piper and Larry are going to talk about when they keynote Camp Mighty. I can’t wait to hear them talk choices, consequences, the justice system and the power of our stories to change things.

You should come.

I can’t wait.

The Rad

One Response to Guess Who Is Keynoting Camp Mighty? (Hint: They Are The New Black)

  1. The Hook says:

    You really get it, don’t you, Laura?
    You have your head on right.
    Good for you!

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