Go Mighty!

Go Mighty!

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Today’s the launch of Go Mighty. It’s pretty exciting. Go check it out.

This concept behind this new site is something that has been a dream of Maggie‘s for years now…but then, actually, it didn’t remain a dream for too long. Because doing things begets doing more things, from the Life List movement came Summit, then Camp, and now Go Mighty. And isn’t it lovely to see an idea turn into a dream turn into a full-blown awesome place? I think so.

But let’s back up a bit. When we started Mighty Events a few years ago, the idea and intention was to bring people together to help them do more. To create a space where people could connect some dots. Because it has seemed that each event we do has gotten bigger and better… now the event of all events is online…where there’s more space, you can wear whatever you want, and you don’t have to share a room with anyone. Bonus.

So over the last few months, I’ve been working with Maggie and Sarah and Amber and others to get ready for this year’s Camp and help create this larger event Go Mighty. It’s a place where people can connect and collaborate around their life list goals, share stories and journeys around their experiences and partner with brands that will provide both in-kind and financial support so they can do something good for themselves and others. Each season we will invite select members to become Cast Members and gomighty.com will work to help people achieve at least one of their goals using our resources plus grants from our brand partners. Get it? Cool right? I think so.

In celebration of the kickoff,  Maggie is on the Rachael Ray show today talking about the new site. (Nothing like testing the servers with a national TV appearance right out the gate, right?) And we’re launching with a dedicated section celebrating Olay’s 60th anniversary where all women are invited to Challenge What’s Possible and Olay will be gifting goals for the next few months. Sign up.

It’s exciting. It’s fun to be part of it. And I can’t wait to see you there. You’ll like it. I really think so.

PS: The In-Real-Life versions of the new site are still going strong and Camp will be this November in Palm Springs at The Ace with Ben Silbermann, the co-founder of Pinterest, as our keynote speaker. Camp Mighty. Whew. Come.

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3 Responses to Go Mighty!

  1. No doubt this will be incredible. I’m excited about watching it unfold. So smart & fun. Congratulations!

  2. Deb Rox says:

    Beautiful. Congratulations!

  3. *doing cartwheels* SO thrilled to be a part of the awesomeness you ladies continue to create. xo

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