Go Mighty Goes New York Times

Go Mighty Goes New York Times

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Go Mighty is on a New York Times blog today.

Check it: Go Mighty or You Might Not Go At All by KJ Dell’Antonia

And I say, perfect timing. Eight weeks into a year is just about the time that I start to begin to get going. Plus, I’ll be turing another year older this weekend…while I watch the Oscars…And I never even begin to start to resolve anything, to make anything or to do anything until after I’ve had birthday cake. So heck yeah to that.

Also, if you’ve been meaning to make a Life List but aren’t sure how, where to start or how to get some friends to help motivate you, sign up for our Go Mighty Skillshare class which starts next week (again, post birthday cake). One of the attendees gets a $1,000 grant to cross something off their list. And my God, I hope it’s you.

So here’s to doing things.

Also, happy last weekend of goofing off. May it be filled with lots of cake.

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One Response to Go Mighty Goes New York Times

  1. Laura Trevey says:

    Started working on my Life List – check!
    Signed up for the Skillshare+ Go Mighty class – check!

    Excited to start doing – check!

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