Friday Finds: Yeeehaw, Candles and Acceptance Speeches

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  1. Nate says:

    Am I the only one who gets REALLY, REALLY nervous when the speeches start going on too long, and then REALLY REALLY embarrassed when they start playing the "get off the stage" music? Watching the Grammys was like watching Fear Factor or the first two weeks of American Idol; I spent most of it just listening, cringing, my head inside my shirt.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Have a happy birthday weekend!

  3. green like... says:

    That video of the ohio/fla. state thing is HIlarious. I laughed and laughed. Thanks for that. the kicking guy is totally my favorite too.

  4. laurie says:

    1) happy go texan day. lovin the image of you shootin, spittin and ridin.2) happy birthday queso!! i send virtual cake.3) yum. beergaritas.

  5. shopper says:

    Happy early birthday Cowgirl! ;)

  6. Super Zoe says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kufu con Queso! I am bummed to miss the festivities (read: booze) AND Mamacita Morehands' Oscar Shindig of Fabulosity! But, I will be holding Baby Bix, Superniece, so all is well!We will have to celebrate when I am in H-town again next month!

  7. mark says:

    Really liking the finds. I knew there was a reason we get along – our birthdays are 2 days apart. Happy Birthday GcQ. Have a fabulous weekend.

  8. Leslie says:

    happy birthday and go texas! us out in the 'burbs dressed up today, too. well, my little girl did, anyway. pic on my blog. she's a cowgirl through and through.

  9. marmite breath says:

    Have a cheese-o-licious birthday, dear GcQ. You don't look that old!

  10. Mom101 says:

    Man, they should all hire you to write the speeches and they'd be set. Plus style them. I'm thinking Mirren in one of those glamour girl belt buckles would give the red carpet a much needed kick in the arse. Happy bday dahlink! Go bonkers.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Wow. Go Texas Day sounds a lot like Cheyenne Frontier Days, only strangers come from all over the world so they can dress like cowpeople. And it runs for 10 days, so if you miss great uncle Herbie from Jersey City wearing his bermuda shorts with his cowboy hat and big buckle on Monday, you'll have another chance to see it on Wednesday, or Friday, or Sunday…

  12. Jenny says:

    Happy birthday, my beautiful, shiny friend.You are truly hysterical (in the good way) and I am so glad to know you.Also? Next week, we're totally doing cake at our usual hangout. Call me whenever the beergarita hangover fades

  13. Jenny Dagle says:

    Hey, it's Saturday, so Happy Birthday! I don't wear belts–should I still get a belt buckle? Or is it horribly embarrassing that I'm admitting I don't even wear a belt?

  14. Robyn says:

    Seeing a bull get amorous with his cow-babe was enough to put me off beef for life.Oscar fashions just aren't fun anymore! Oh, for the days of Bette Midler and Cher.

  15. Lady M says:

    The speeches make me nervous. It's too obvious who is used to only saying things that other people have written for them! I like Hugh Laurie's speeches though – his Emmy acceptance was witty and fun.

  16. Pendullum says:

    My gal pal is nominated for a nOscar soI will be up just cheering her…Itislike she is taking us all there…Does not matter if she wins…But it would be GREAT if she did…(I did post a story of her on my blog a while back…)It has been a great adventure…This is her second nomination…And I am giddy just thinking about it…And a Happy Happy Birthday to you…May you have the most amazing birthday month…(I believe you should be celebrated for a month…)

  17. Jill says:

    Happy Belated Birthday GcQ! You and my 95-year-old grandma share one. May your life be as long and full as hers.Acceptance speeches are fine, but it's really all about the red carpet for me.

  18. mamatulip says:

    HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!

  19. Shannon says:

    Diggin' the Glamour Girl belt buckle. As a former ranch kid, belt buckles will forever hold a special place in my heart.Happy Birthday Weekend!

  20. Berets says:

    Hello…pretty good blog!

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