Fore! Harry is Turning Five!

Fore! Harry is Turning Five!

A few months ago, Harry turned five. And after much debate, he decided to have a golf party (there’s more about that process here). Soon after, I discovered there were no ready-to-go children’s golf party invitations to be found. For the record, there are dozens of choices involving soccer, baseball, football, and basketball…but no golf. Weird.

So, we made them.

The construction was easy (remember, I have no actual skills on any program beyond Word or Excel) and only involved one trip to Hobby Lobby.I purchased a pack of craft dowel rods, some pre-cut craft paper, and double stick tape. That’s it.

I printed out the invites I created in Word with the help of Helvetica and a clip art golf ball. And I taped it all up. Done.

We cleaned out a baked beans can, and Harry took his invites to school.

He was thrilled.

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