Fall: Day 9. Closeting

Fall: Day 9. Closeting

Maybe it’s because of fashion week or the September issue of Vogue, but I’m really having the urge to get rid of all my clothes. But I don’t want to get more clothes or anything…I just want to get rid of things. The stuff is weighing me down, man. And if I haven’t worn it in a year, it’s out.

So I spent most of the afternoon today getting it all out.

This is out.

This is left.

It’s still too much, but I’m moving in the right direction.

Now if I can just stay off Polyvore.

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One Response to Fall: Day 9. Closeting

  1. Emi Lee says:

    Dang it! If only I still lived down the street. I heart my Laura hand me downs.

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