Fall: Day 5. Pumpkins.

Fall: Day 5. Pumpkins.

At night I hear owls in my trees, hoot-who-whoing outside my windows. Yesterday evening there was a gray fox on the porch. ‘Tis the season, friends.

It’s time for the pumpkins.

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2 Responses to Fall: Day 5. Pumpkins.

  1. Emi Lee says:

    I JUST ran to get gigantor pumpkins (or is it a gourd or both?)at lunch today. I’m doing the festive fall pumpkin tower on the front porch. And tonight I crawl in the attic for my “Fall” box full of stuff. Can’t wait!

  2. Annie Bell says:

    I made a pumpkin soup last week and it was delicious. All my friends love it. Yesterday I’ve bought other two and my goal is clear: pumpkin pie and roasted vegetable (including pumpkin, onion, garlic, pepper, mushrooms, courgettes and a lot of olive oil). Love it!

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