Fall. Day 45: Go Vote.

Fall. Day 45: Go Vote.

Today’s the day. The time is now. Get out there and vote.

Do you know your polling location?

I just found mine on Bing Elections …you can find find news and information on where to go…and to follow the results.

And play along with us today…

When you vote today, send out an Instagram, Tweet & Facebook post. Encourage others to get out and vote and do the same. Give us a shout with #govote #gomighty #gobing & tell us you are playing along and you will be eligible to win one of the following. We’re giving them all away and you could win one:

A. A FREE PASS TO CAMP MIGHTY (If you already have one of these, we’ll reimburse you that cash. Excellent, right?)

B. A $200 donation in your name to charity: water.

C. A $200 donation in your name to the American Red Cross.

D. A $500 grant to do an item on your life list.

How fun is that?

Just add #govote #gomighty #gobing to any entry encouraging friends to vote today and you will be entered to win your prize of choice. Go do it! Go win it!

Go Vote. Go Mighty. Go Bing.

Happy Election Day.


The election is over. It’s time for our shoulders to leave their months long position by our ears and relax. No matter if your candidate won or lost, we can all agree that the ability to cast a vote is something worth celebrating. Plus, we all got stickers.

Also, worth celebrating is the number of you who participated in our challenge in partnership with Bing to spread the word on Election Day and encourage others to vote. We have randomly chosen four winners from those who gave us a #gobing #gomighty #govote shout on Instagram and Twitter.

Congrats to Sarah Oubre, Lindsay Goldner, Amanda MacArthur, and Kristin Vanderhey. We’ll be in touch soon, ladies.

Enjoy your robocall-free weekend, team.

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