Fall: Day 21. ACL.

Fall: Day 21. ACL.

We are totally skipping school today. (Sorry, school people, if you’re reading this. We are totally skipping you today.) Because today is the first day of Austin City Limits music festival. And we have a tradition around here: We skip school for the Friday of ACL. It’s a school half day anyway because Austin schools totally know it and totally get it.

Today’s line up.¬†James is all in all day and all weekend. Harry and I are going to pair up and last as long as we can. I predict I’ll fall first. Harry is a machine.

I’ll report back on Monday.

Happy ACL Weekend.


The Days

4 Responses to Fall: Day 21. ACL.

  1. Cindy says:

    I would want to go to everyone of those days. Have fun!

  2. maile says:

    so cool. have fun!

  3. Amanda says:

    Oh my God! Tegan and Sara! Gotye! Rufus Wainwright! The Lumineers! I WISH I WAS THERE!

  4. Barchbo says:

    Our house is vibrating right now with the ACLU vibes- literally! Have fun and let us know what H thinks!

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