Dr. Pepper Birthday Party: The Idea + The Invitations

September 23, 2013

A few years ago I decided that I liked Gabby’s approach to birthdays.… have select years where a big friend party is an option and kick back on the other years with small dinners, or sleepovers or trips to the movies, whatever. Except we only have one kid, so I modified it a little and thought these years would be good for parties: 1 (which was really for us), 4-8 (when they’re completely into them), 13 (because of teenage years), 16 (because of I don’t know, last possible chance, who knows if he’d even be into it at this point).

Now, as we’ve moved through the list, I’m realizing we’re almost nearing the end of my party plan idea, which is sad and also kind of awesome. So a few weeks ago, when we were coming up on #8, I asked Harry what kind of birthday party he’d like to have. Without skipping a beat, he said a Dr. Pepper Party.

A Dr. Pepper Party?

A Dr. Pepper Party. He was serious, resigned and decided.

Now, let me be clear from the start, while Dr Pepper is a corporate entity, I often forget that fact. Also, most important to note, this whole concept is/was in no way sponsored by anyone (other than his father and I). In fact, that concept didn’t even occur to me until later when someone asked. Which, no. And yes, I do events for a living and they are often sponsored in some way, however, it never even occurred to me to have my child’s birthday sponsored. No.

Dr. Pepper is just a whole thing here in Texas. It’s like that weird uncle in your family…It’s just always around. To some people, it’s a whole religion, but I won’t even go there. If you’re not from here, I’m not sure I can completely explain it, but the thing you should know is, Dr. Pepper is an old school Texas thing. Dublin Dr. Pepper (God rest its soul) is king. It was created in Waco, Texas (In fact, there’s a whole museum dedicated to it in Waco.) And Baylor campus (where we went, and whose football team Harry is basically obsessed with right now) is covered in Dr. Pepper goodness. It’s like a mascot, is all I can tell you.

This image is a from this great post about Dr. Pepper, check it out.

Or. Here’s a frame of reference: You know those people who drone on and on about the newest iWhatever and quote Steve Jobs and put Apple stickers on their cars?… Ok, think of those people, then replace Apple with Dr. Pepper, and that’s basically my grandparents. It’s like that.

So, as I was saying, my son is super into Dr. Pepper, it’s basically a lifestyle in our state, and we never really let him have it. The perfect storm.

So a Dr Pepper party it would be. To make things easier on myself…and to not try to body slam myself to get the kitchen finished by last weekend, I suggested a Dr Pepper bowling party to be held at an Austin institution. And it was on.

I bought the invitation from from Collide Studio on Etsy, (They are great. Work with them.) Kelly who runs the joint had already created a great Bowling Party invite, so I asked her if she could add a Dr Pepper logo to it and she probably thought I was crazy, but she did it and delivered the jpg to me. I then had these bad boys printed my local big box, inexpensive print shop. Isn’t it cute? Like I said, I actually printed and mailed invites old school style, but I also sent them in email jpg style, and they are great for that too. Also, the second greatest thing about this design is that I used it for other items that I’ll talk about later in the week.

In the end, the kid got his Dr. Pepper party.

Hey, all I can say is it was easier than the “Bugs Bunny Road Runner Ice Skating Chase!!!” theme party he wanted when he was 6. In comparison, this one was a snap. I’m going to be talking about it (menu, party paraphernalia, line up , soundtrack and the final result) all week.

Check out more on the Dr. Pepper Birthday Party with lots of Dr Pepper Party Details, including a Dr Pepper Birthday Cake and Dr Pepper Ice Cream. Enjoy. 

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  • Reply Judy Woods September 23, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    I must say it was one of the best birthday parties for an 8 year old boy and his friends I have ever attended. Glad I was able to be a part of it. Can’t wait to see how you blog about what I saw. Love, your m-i-l

  • Reply Sami Cone September 25, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    I LOVE this idea Laura! I don’t drink and don’t smoke, but I’m currently seriously considering a 12 step program to help me break my Dr. Pepper addiction 😉 Too cute…

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