Dos de Gibby

May 5, 2015

It’s the fifth of May. Which means, Happy Cinco de Mayo! It also means, Happy Gibby Day! Because today is Gibby’s birthday and Gibby is two.

Just in case you didn’t know and/or didn’t figure it out, Gibby is our dog. She is 50%  dachshund, 50% miniature schnauzer, 100% sassy and 200% love.

I’ve never really had a dog before…or at least I never had one that I actually was in charge of caring for…and I used to be pretty scared of them. (All of them, even the little ones.) But this little one has become my pal. She hangs with me almost all the day long, when she’s not outside stalking her moral enemies, the squirrels.

Because this little one knows how to party. It’s fitting that she was born on Cinco de Mayo.

Happy Birthday, Gibby. You are love.

Soundtrack: She is Love. Oasis. 

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  • Reply Minnesota Red October 5, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    “…when she’s not outside stalking her moral enemies, the squirrels.” Moral enemies…snort. Some typos are so very perfect 🙂 I’m not being judgy here, it just struck me as funny~

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