Don't You Forget About Us. (And Seriously, How Could You? We Won't Let You. We Are The Yearbook Staff.)

So with yesterday’s terrible news that our generation’s own personal Moses passed on to the other side, Twitter was, predictably, all a twitter. Lots of OMGs and RIPs and comparisons of pink prom dresses. And so as I’m reading all of the Duckie and Ferris and Long Duck Dong references, I’m thinking it’s amazing how people are united with so much love for a movie director whom most have not actually seen, met, or known. Why are we all so bummed?

Well, for starters, he died youngish. And he was great. He made kick ass movies. A lot of them. And he did it all before the time he was 40. Think about that. He was a giant smash success and household name for writing/directing at the ripe old age of 33. Pretty awesome.

But I think, even more awesomely and importantly, he introduced us to the concept of psychographic twins. Very pre-www, he threw out the theory that there just might be people like us in other schools in others towns, in other states, who were going through the exact same things, at the exact same time. Of course Twitter now accomplishes this in 30 seconds. But before the intrawebs, we had no idea that this was actually true. It was too much to hope.

Sort of like when I look up at thousands of twinkling stars and think, in all probability, there’s someone like me out there, right now. (Of course our great grandkids will be able to pop open the intergalatic web Twitter… http://igw.twitter.all… and know this, everything, and more in 30 nanoseconds. But for now, we’ll just have to hope.) It’s like that. Now.

But then, back then, with the help of these movies, we got our first hunches that we weren’t the only cool nerds, or dorky jocks, or weird chicks, or party girls, or all of the above, on the planet.

All this instant nostalgia prompted me to test my psychographic twin theory. So I tweeted out the question “How many of your were on yearbook staff?” And lo, the answer came down from the mountain and from across the Twitterverse, and the answer was a very loud and resounding YES! We were all on the yearbook staff! (Or the newspaper staff.) Hell yeah. Of course we were.

And of course I knew this, because I get this, because I too was on the yearbook staff. And the Student Council. And the Honors Society. Most Likely to Succeed. Miss LHS. Andandand. And oh give me a break. That’s me front row. Fifth from the left. Looking very ready to graduate and get the hell out. And so I did.

But here I am. With you guys. Still on the yearbook staff. (The Kirtsy book, totally a yearbook. A kick arse well-designed yearbook.) Only now we have Twitter. And Facebook. And Dude, can you imagine what we could have done with these things back then?! We might have even gotten together to write and direct awesome hit movies by the time we were 33. It could have happened.

It totally could have happened.


Also, related, as Karen and I were cheersing clinky drinks to the man last night, we talked about which John Hughes character we were. We agreed on hers. We disagreed on mine. And we assigned one to each of you. Oh yes we did. Even you, Jenny. But I’m curious which one you think you are. In other words, I’m asking, “Hey, which John Hughes character were you?” (I’ll let you know if you’re right…Good luck!)

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23 Responses to Don't You Forget About Us. (And Seriously, How Could You? We Won't Let You. We Are The Yearbook Staff.)

  1. Susan says:

    These days, I'm Ellen Griswold from the Vacation movies (you forgot those were John Hughes, didn't you?). But in high school, I was Samantha Baker from 16 Candles.

  2. Girl con Queso says:

    Correct, Susan! You are Samantha Baker. With the fashion sense of Claire Standish.

  3. Upside Up says:

    Back then I was Watts, from Some Kind of Wonderful, with a little bit of Duckie from Pretty in Pink.And of course I was also all the characters from Breakfast Club.

  4. Julie @ The Mom Slant says:

    Sadly, I was not on yearbook. Or school newspaper. Or anything remotely artsy or intellectual. It's one of the main reasons I sometimes feel like a poser in the blogosphere ("a writer? ME?!").However, I was Samantha Baker, with a side of Andie Walsh and Watts.

  5. Maggie Mason says:

    Andie Walsh. Metaphorically giving the geeks my panties since 1999.

  6. Maggie says:

    Wait. I'm thinking of Sam. All the Molly Ringwald bits are a blur for me. Also, Molly Ringwald grew up in my hometown and used to sing at the local jazz festival.Fact!

  7. Barchbo says:

    I think I'm Brian – stud of the Niagara Falls area – with Claire's wardrobe. I wrote for the oh-so-cool literary journal. Captain of the soccer team. Student Council Secretary. New Student Guide. Prom Committee. Homecoming Chairperson. Really, I'm Patty Simcox. My collegues call me Suzy Joiner.

  8. Upside Up says:

    Also, I was also on yearbook staff. And in college, on newspaper. Natch.

  9. Jason McElweenie says:

    I was most definitely Anthony Michael Hall in high school but w/o the braces. I have lots of horrible photos of me as a tall skinny nerd who's sole purpose was to score chicks. I did not charge other nerds to see underpants, girls underpantsthe word below that I need to enter was manize

  10. Girl con Queso says:

    Upside Up: Totally Watts! Kick ass.Julie: Yes, you are very complex, I can see how you'd be a mixture of many.Maggie: Totally Sam, but even cooler. And I'm all for giving geeks panties! Amen, sister.Barchbo: You are like 27 different characters with at least 4 different names. Jason: Wrong! You were a cross between John Bender and Ferris Bueller.

  11. Girl con Queso says:

    Also, if you are confused, here is a quiz: for the quiz.

  12. jennster says:

    i was totally on yearbook!!!! i missed the tweet adn wanted to participate. lol

  13. laurie says:

    I was a combo of Brian and Alison in the Breakfast Club, I think, with a dash of Watts. A John Hughes tossed salad, if you will. So interested to see what you all came up with. And a little scared. Good thing I trust you. ;)

  14. Jenny, the Bloggess says:

    Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club with a pinch of Duckie thrown in.Also? Me in yearbook:

  15. Girl con Queso says:

    Jennster, Up top for yearbook! Yay you!Laurie, yes, but I think you were a combo of Alison and Andie. Admit it. You have a serious artsy side. Jenny, Wrong!!! You were Long Duck Dong. Totally. Think about it.

  16. Wally says:

    According to the quiz, I'm Neal Page (Planes, Trains & Automobiles) but I always figured I was mostly Cameron Frye with just a touch of Keith Nelson.Barchbo–really, Grease? Quit being glib.

  17. Abby&theJets says:

    exec editor of my yearbook senior year of college and on the design team year before… i blame it on my art background… but no. just your run of the mill awesome nerd. with a dream.i missed the tweet too hahaby the way i'm a huge fan.

  18. Condo Blues says:

    Ally Sheedy's character in the Breakfast Club. Yes! I was on the yearbook staff in high school – that's the only way I got my photo in the candid section of the book my senior year!

  19. Edelweiss Cowgirl says:

    Just discovered your blog and loved this post – really takes me back. I was class of '89 too in Houston, TX. And my character? Samantha Baker all the way (and I think I'm still a little bit in love with Jake Ryan).

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  21. LaLa says:

    Wow, adapterlist is spot on ;)

    Man, am I the only one that got Clark Griswold?! I don’t want to be him!

  22. I was on school newspaper for only 2 wks. then was N an accident & moved 2 Lockhart.I was N FHA/HERO,THEATER ARTS CLUB & stage crew for 1-ACT our sr. yr.If U remember my outfits @ school & the fact that I wanted 2 B a fashion designer,not 2 mention the fact that I look Pretty N Pink(I had 3 proms so 2 pink & 1 red prom dress)LOL,I’m Sam.Oops,wrong movie.Well,her too!

  23. No school newspaper or yearbook but FHA/HERO,Theatre Arts & 1-Act stage crew.If U remember my outfits & my plan 2 B a fabric designer(didn’t happen),I was Andie w/ a splash of Sam.

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