Don't Drink and Shop.

Unlike many, over the past hours, we haven’t been braving the malls, the superstores, the bargain stores, the anything. We went to the park.

But just in case you’ve been getting into the Holiday spirit; decking the halls; and bodyslamming fellow shoppers for Nintendos, Elmos, or parking spots; why not stop. Take a few moments, take a deep breath, and take some buyer-beware shopping tips from the Padrino. Especially if you’re shopping for me.

Gifts to Avoid this Season
It’s the thought that counts, but you don’t want your loved one to wonder what the hell you were thinking. Here is my short list of gifts you just should not give … ever. Some of you may want to disagree because you may, heaven forbid, like these things yourself, but you must trust me on this, no one wants to receive the followingVisit “Not That You Asked Me But” for the complete list of no nos, no hows, no ways. Especially if you’re shopping for me.

As for us, we’re shopping online. And we’re almost finished. But if you’re not quite ready to wrap up, here’s a good place to start…

As Seen at Cool Mom Picks
Especially if you’re shopping for me.
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  1. mark says:

    Your kind suggestions are very nice, but I don't start shopping until December 23rd or 24th. That way all the "popular" gifts are already gone and I can get the unique and unusual things that were hiding on the backs of shelves. We may have different shopping philosophies because I enjoy the bewildered looks people give when they're unwrapping their presents from me. Who ever said it is fun getting what you want?

  2. Momish says:

    We didn't brave the malls or stores either. Too much for me. I can't deal with the frenzy. I will have to check out the list, which seems like it will have some sound advice!

  3. Bek says:

    We didn't go to the stores. It seems like the stuff I want isn't really ever THAT much on sale to make it worth it. I am ashamed to admit that I am already done. I usually just start in October and by Thanksgiving I am finished and I try and stay away from the stores. Otherwise I buy too much and I end up spending money on stupid things I don't need/want or give my kids too much. This way, the money I saw goes towards the 90% off sales at Potter Barn after Christmas (for some reason I just NEED to have those jeweled snowflakes on my tree to blanace out the rest of my ornaments..).It is the only organized thing I do all year.BTW..I was dying when I read the Precious Moments part of the "things not to give me". I have a friend who started telling me about her holiday traditions "we listen to music and then I decorate the tree with my annual Precious Momemets collectable ornaments……" She lost me right there. I don't think we can be friends anymore…….. My sister's MIL presented her with the "bride and groom" P.M cake topper MOMENTS before the wedding and wanted her to use it. THey already had the cake OUT. She was NOT going to do it. I think her exact words were "I am not putting a pair of fetuses on my cake…..".:-)

  4. mad muthas says:

    hello gcq – hope you had a smashing thanksgiving. i can't actually remember if i sent you this link – how to find your pirate name – arrrrrr! if i did, then just ignore it, me hearty. if not, then click away, ye perishing landlubber …

  5. Jill says:

    What!?! Are you telling me you don't have a Precious Moments baby's first Christmas ornament for the Hurricane on your tree??? I can hardly believe it. The shame GcQ, the shame.

  6. Super Zoe says:

    I love shopping!!! And I am done with my Christmas purchasing. Done. Now I can shop for ME!GcQ, do you still have that love game I gave you many years ago?! Was that a Christmas gift or birthday gift?!

  7. Eric says:

    Jill has made it very easy for me to shop for her. Due to some early Christmas-gift missteps in our marriage, I am now forbidden from buying her "anything that requires taste." I only wish I was kidding. And now that I see it on NTYAMB's list of no-nos, I can't even buy her the McDonald's gift certificate she had her eye on.

  8. Mom101 says:

    Aha! Thanks to Mark for finally enlightening me as to why Nate always does his shopping on the 24 –and why I got two Brookstone massagers last year from him. Thanks for the cmp shout out! Hope you get everything you want this year.

  9. KCG says:

    For those of you born in the 70's, I also think that anything purchased from Fingerhut is a bad idea. My grandparents once gave me a 12 piece set of vinyl luggage with a big cursive "G" (for my last name) from fingerhut, and the plastic fumes were so bad, I couldn't even store it in my house.

  10. Jennifer says:

    This Thanksgiving I was very thankful for online shopping. ;)

  11. Jenny says:

    So you're saying you don't want me to buy you a poster of two baby elephants frolicking in the mud? Because they're damn cute. And I named one after you and one after me and it says "Friends make even rainy days special". Oh and the elephants are wearing pinky bunny rabbit ears. And at the bottom it has a sound chip that plays "That's what friends are for" on repeat.But you know…if you don't want it…

  12. Super Zoe says:

    And now I am screwed, GcQ, because you let me know that the David Hasselfhoff calendar I ordered for you would be a duplicate of the one that you ordered for yourself!

  13. Chicky Chicky Baby says:

    Subtle. Very subtle. Just the way I like it. ;)

  14. Lady M says:

    Bad holiday gifts always make me think of the "reindeer jumper" that Mark Darcy's mother makes him wear in the Bridget Jones movie.

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