DIY Wreath #2 (Great Kid Project)

DIY Wreath #2 (Great Kid Project)

So the second wreath we did is my favorite. In fact, I might keep it up all year long.

It all started as an oh-my-we’ve-run-out-of-things-to-do kid project. It kept us occupied for a few hours. And Harry rocked this one out.

First, we went to Hobby Lobby. That took a while.

We purchased these items.

Yes, I finally bought a gun.

The hoops are sewing hoop things. They were $1.50 each.

Then we painted some of the circles red and orange (especially the circles with letters on them).

While we let those dry, Harry arranged all the circles on the hoops.

This kept him interested and occupied  for a surprisingly longish time.

In fact, despite the fact that I realized we didn’t have enough circles to make two wreaths, I went ahead and asked him to arrange both hoops. He didn’t mind. I did about 18 other things while this happened.

Then, when he went to sleep later that night, I rearranged the circles a bit and hot-glued them together.

I warned him that this would happen. He decidedly didn’t care. I believe this is partly because he is five, and partly because he’s generally apathetic about anything that doesn’t involve some gaming sport or contest. Because we weren’t racing, the outcome was irrelevant to him.

But I think the outcome was swell.

So I tied a blue ribbon around it and hung it on the wall.

I think I’ll keep it.

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4 Responses to DIY Wreath #2 (Great Kid Project)

  1. JD says:

    Love it! I am totally going to do this with my daughter next week. Thanks!

  2. Jessica says:

    Just found your blog! Yea!

    I will be doing this tonight. And, I don’t even have kids! Great idea… will use it when I do!

  3. Just ran across your blog…. love this project! I’ve been looking for a good spring wreath idea…..

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