Cool, Stackable Bowls

Cool, Stackable Bowls

In this new old house, the kitchen is giant. Giant. But it really hasn’t been update since the 60s, and it has approximately 60 inches of cabinet space for dishes. No one knows why.

Also, related, I have a thing for coffee mugs and bowls that sorta resemble coffee mugs. I like them. I like to own them. But they don’t stack well, which isn’t awesome for a kitchen with 60 inches of cabinet space for dishes.

So I’m thinking whenever I get this kitchen fixed up, I’d like to celebrate with brand new matching (matching!) and stackable dishes. Some like this perhaps. From Benjamin Hubert studio. Don’t you just love the little matching spoons?

Nuevo Queso, The Rad

2 Responses to Cool, Stackable Bowls

  1. Barchbo says:

    Love! Are they ceramic, porcelain, melamine…
    And why are the spoons so extra-cute?

    And I love these (from the same website):

    Totally not stackable. But way fabulous.

  2. Becky says:

    Under-cabinet hooks! I love hanging my mugs this way.

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