Colorful Commentary on Australia

December 19, 2013

Well it’s been a month now since I’ve been back from Australia. A month. That doesn’t seem exactly right. It’s one of the things that seems like yesterday and also like 20 years ago. And I’m still sort of processing it. Not that it was that overwhelming or anything…in fact, it was all too familiar, only completely the opposite.

Let’s just say I have 4,000 photos and a few stories to tell too. 2014 is primed and ready for a lot of commentary.

In the meantime, here are six pieces that I wrote about some of my and Jenny’s Australia adventures over at Go Mighty. 

Traveling Through Time is Surprisingly Easy.

Please for the Love of God (and Everything Good on This Earth), Do Not Touch the Koalas.

Yacht Rock: Cue the Christopher Cross / Toto Mashup. 


Australia: Everything Is Exactly the Same. Only Exactly the Opposite. 

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend.

I’m Not Scared of Outside. Nope. Not Me. 

And there are more adventures to relay. More stories to tell. More photos. And even a few videos.

I’m just saying, there’s going to be a lot of colorful activity around here in 2014.

Get ready.

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