Color Me Pink Nectar

Ever heard of Colorstrology? Me neither. Until I found this site, sponsored by Pantone, at Persimmon and Pink.
I thought it was probably a load of colorful hooey until I discovered that I’m Pink Nectar because I’m talented, sensitive and aesthetic. And now, of course, I totally believe.

What color are you?
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  1. Fizzle says:

    There are many reasons why I'm a conqueso-addict. Many. The brilliance of the hurricane blogging his heart away, the motto margarita recipes, hipster bingo and colormebrites. It's the things you find on the internet and share (that I can then pretend I found and share with others) that makes your site so much fun!

  2. Super Zoe says:

    You have heard of this, but in its earlier, turn-of-the-millenium form: SZ energy colorology. You are berry, remember?! So glad I was close to pink nectar, even though in my world you are still berry pink.

  3. laurie says:

    african violet, here. imaginitive. emotional. hardworking. apparently, my personal color enables me to share my talent and creativity with others. oh stop.

  4. tish says:

    You are sooooo pink nectar. I'm Mecca Orange. Deep. Healer. Perceptive.I'm supposed to suround myself with Mecca orange, but I don't even know what it is….For Christmas this year I ask for Mecca Orange so that I can learn to express myself fearlessly, a life giving excersize for Mecca Orangers. love, sister con queso

  5. KCG says:

    I'm "You've-Got-To-Be-Kidding-Me Tigerlilly Orange". All I think about is how difficult it would be for me to sit across a dinner table from the woman who wrote this color me caca. Can you hear it? "Ooh, that yellow napkin on your lap energizes your lust for life from your very loins! It makes you honest, yet evasive; inquisitive, yet resolved."$10 says she wears big dangly homeade earrings and does yoga.

  6. Mommy off the Record says:

    I'm lilac. That's not the color I would picture myself as, but I'll take it!

  7. Jenny says:

    I'm Purple Haze. Talented, versatile, and a great entertainer, but with a need to be alone and recharge. And i'm good on electric guitar.Did you ever watch "A Mighty Wind"? When the couple in The New Main Street Singers were worshipping color? Do you see where I 'm going with this? :)

  8. JJordan says:

    I share a birthday with sister con queso so I know I'm already a Mecca Orange…and I like it. Perhaps it's why I continue to encourage clients to use colors like Soft Pumpkin, Orangery and Firefly. And I certainly don't mind being married to a Dahlia Purple…good looking, discriminating and verbal. ;)

  9. Girl con Queso says:

    jenny, I'm no WINC member, if that's what you mean. I mean, I haven't been for years anyway.And jjordan…that means that baby smith is scheduled to be pink nectar! I hope I hope!!!

  10. Her Bad Mother says:

    Mandarin Orange: musical, verbal, tenacious.Hmmm. I prefer Pink Nectar, but I can sort of see about the orange…

  11. Kristin says:

    I am grapemist. And, that makes me sensual, romantic and artistic. I am not so sure this is me, but I am sure Jason SO wants this to be me! Jason is skyway, and that makes him spiritual, confident and aesthetic. I am not so sure that is all him. Spiritual- yes. Confident- it depends. Aesthetic? Only if it involves design and computers.

  12. Catherine says:

    Count me in as a new COLORSTROLOGY believer. I'm SAXONY Blue… not to be mistaken for SEXONY Blue. I'm an explorer, activist and WRITER! Woohoo! Talk about your ego booster.

  13. Design Mom says:

    I'm a "clever, charming and childlike" Spring Bouquet (milkglass green). Fine. But I was hoping for silver.

  14. Bea says:

    I was a skeptic because astrology has never rung remotely true for me, but then I read the description for Lilac: imaginative, kind, with a tendency to become emotionally entangled (needs to learn detachment). Hmmm, okay – I give up, I'm a Lilac.

  15. mothergoosemouse says:

    Violet quartz. Talented, endearing, and fair. Hmmmm.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cornflower Blue:romantic, emotional, musical. Musical? Maybe they meant music MAKES me romantic and emotional? Whah? E

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