Christmas con Queso

Well, hey there. We’ve been a bit out of the loop this Holiday because we’ve spent the majority of it home home on the ranch. Plus then on Boxing Day, the Hurricane and I traveled even further outside the loop to spend a few days at the other ranch, or the hunting ranch, as my three-year-old niece calls it. Because people I’m related to regularly shoot things with bows and arrows. That’s right. You really shouldn’t mess with me. And yes, you did read that correctly, because I’m from Texas, we have two ranches. And yes, of course, I rode a horse to school everyday, silly. And, um, duh, it goes without saying that I sold guns door to door for the church choir fundraiser. And yes, that’s right, it’s completely true that dancing was always illegal in my hometown until a smart-talking city boy with mixed tapes and killer gymnastic skills moved in, taught us all some sweet moves, and motivated us to confront the city council in order to host our own illegal prom across the county line where everybody cut everybody cut everybody cut footloose with Kenny Loggins and Shalamar. Living in Texas is totally and exactly like it is in the movies. Or on the news. Exactly. So anyway, that’s why I’ve been away. We don’t have the internet way out here. Or phones. Or electricity. Or Oreos. We mainly just sit around by the campfire and drink sasparilla. And shoot guns in the air. That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing. Oh and driving across county lines to dance. And so speaking of that. I’ll be out of pocket again for the next few days or so. Because the HcQ and I are driving across county lines to completely treat ourselves to some quality time at a five-star resort and spa. Where we’re totally going to be shooting our guns in the air. And wearing conchos. And spitting. Because that’s how we roll. In Texas. So please don’t mess with us.

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  1. mark says:

    Jump Back! I challenge you a game of chicken on tractors. How did you live without Oreos?

  2. Ordinary Janet says:

    how many pairs of boots do you own?

  3. kim says:

    Happy shooting!

  4. Robyn says:

    I hope you only dance with the one what brung ya. Back here in Oklahoma, we still have to march guard duty around the fort.

  5. Rhonda says:

    LOL…stop perpetuating the myth! Do you know how hard I work to convince people that not all Texans own ranches, ride horses, and shoot guns? :)Although, I did sell knifes in college, but that's not as Texas-y as selling guns. ha!Happy holidays!

  6. Eric says:

    I'm not surprised to hear any of this, because we are also just like the movies up here in Minnesota. So while you have been busy on the ranch, I have been quite busy ice-fishing recently. Naturally, I've been doing so on Lake Minnetonka (where I once had to "purify" myself). Also, I've been trying to fix up my wood-chipper with my Aunt Marge.

  7. Jill says:

    Eric, der. . .that's North Dakota. In Minnesota we eat jello and hot dish in church basements and talk about the weather. BTW: I got cowboy boots for Christmas, so now I can be just like you GcQ. If only I could get my hands on a gun.

  8. Sandra says:

    You Texas girls are scary … and pretty funny. Happy shooting and happy New year :)

  9. Girl con Queso says:

    Truth: I own no cowboy boots and I'm scared to death of guns. The end.

  10. Lady M says:

    I could use me some shootin' guns in the air for a party. ;)

  11. Mrs. Chicken says:

    I admit, I harbored negative ideas about Texas. You are changing my mind here! :)

  12. Design Mom says:

    I didn't grow up in Texas, but my best friend did have her own gun cabinet. She was also the prom queen.Enjoy your vacation!

  13. Brother Con Queso says:

    All of the above is true….If we don't kill things in our family to put meat on the table….we get disowned! In fact, in the last 2 months (with my bow & arrow), I've shot 2 deer, 1 fox & 1 racoon! The racoon was especially tasty!BCQ

  14. shoppergirl says:

    Funny! That is exactly what people think. But you forgot that there are cactus everywhere. Everywhere.

  15. Ordinary Janet says:

    Happy New Year!

  16. Ordinary Janet says:

    I see there's a Brother cQ now. Checking up on you, eh? Better not say anything embarrassing… ;-)

  17. Bek says:

    You kill me.Glad your Christmas was fun. My hometown is the one where they FILMED that movie! Yeeee—haw..

  18. HB says:

    Since I am moving to Texas in 2 weeks, I am very glad to see that all of my pre-conceived notions were spot on. Yeehaw! ;)

  19. Kristen says:

    As a born and bred Texan, I can also confirm that everything GcQ says is totally and completely true. That's all.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Yee-Haw!! Yep, in these parts it's all about the size o' yer gun and the swagger in yer boots!!Merry Everything, and Happy New Year!!

  21. Jenny says:

    Oh. my. Got. I was laughing so hard at this I drove my tractor into my pet Rebublican buffalo! Oh the humanity!PS. Happy New Year, chica. I'm so glad I know you.

  22. jen says:

    so, how was it? i'd have paid money to be there.because that's how i roll in texas.

  23. Jenn says:

    Within the last few years, we drove to Texas, and had the unfortunate incident of stopping in Texarkansas….now everytime I hear a news bit from that part of the world, they are bizarre–man shoots neighbor w/arrow in dispute over fence, etc…

  24. Pendullum says:

    And living up in Canada… We only have igloos for homes and we go to the corner store with a team of Huskies and we only drink beer…Glad to hear that all wee hear of Texas is as true as what you hear about us C'naaaadiuns, eh?

  25. Bones says:

    I had better switch to a less manly poker game like Connecticut Hold 'Em, or maybe even Deleware Hold 'em. If there are guns and boots involved, I'm not sure if I can hang with the Texas types.

  26. Jenny Dagle says:

    Wait. So how many ranches do you have?I didn't even know Texas was famous for its pecans until a couple of weeks ago when I ran a search for a pecan pie recipe. The author said it wouldn't be as good without Texas pecans.

  27. Leslie says:

    i heart texas. happy new year!

  28. Elizabeth H. says:

    I live in Texas, I am a Democrat, and guns freak me out. I also own a fluffy dog and am married to a man that went to college in Massachusetts whose father was from Brooklyn. Square peg, round whole, loving the Tex Mex.

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