Change of Plans.

So I’m on a plane. On my way to my favorite city on the planet. And there are these beautiful women sitting across the aisle three rows back and wearing these one-piece, shining-white munk robes. They’re kind-of freaking me out. Shaved heads, hoods, and floor-length robes. A cross between old world and science fiction. And I think I’m way too Westernly pragmatic to really get whatever Easternly futuristic thing they’ve got going on. No, probably it’s religious, or cultural. And now I feel guilty that they are freaking me out.

I’m flying Jet Blue. My first time flying Jet Blue. I anticipated waiting in the airport for approximately 27 hours while flight after flight got canceled, with kids screaming, no air conditioning, tons of paperwork, and lots of clowns. Because these are the things that make me crazy. But actually, it has been a fantastic flying experience. No line at the counter, easy check in, leg room, personalized TVs (which I just watched two solid hours of “The Hills” on, oh by the way), and nice hot tea served with just the right amount of milk. All of it. And now we’re going to land 30 minutes early. Jet Blue rocks. And overall, it’s been the perfect trip.

Except for one unexpected change in plans.

I’m going by myself.

Only a few hours ago, heck even on the way to the airport, the HcQ was going with me to New York for a few days. I’m going for work, he was taking a few days away from work and tagging along for the fun of it.


We love this city. It’s where we fell in love, where we got engaged, all of it. And we were really looking forward to the break. But alas, life stepped in.

Very early this morning, we drove a few miles up the road to meet my parents to drop off the Hurricane for a little grandparent, grandhurricane bonding time. My parents are the loveliest grandparents, and the Hurricane is one lucky dude this week. They are going to spoil him rottener, and he’s going to have the time of his life.

However, I still cried when he drove away with them.

But the HcQ and I persevered, tears and all, and headed to the airport. And then the freaking buttcrackberry started a buzzing. His. A client emergency of sorts.

So no NYC for the HcQ. No HcQ for the GcQ.


He dropped me off at the airport, and he’s now hoping to join me on Friday. And I’m really really crossing my fingers that the love of my life finishes putting out his fire and makes it up here for the weekend.

Either way, I’ll keep you posted with photos.

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0 Responses to Change of Plans.

  1. luckyzmom says:

    Oh, I hope so too!

  2. kpaull says:

    Oh man that is such a bummer! I was so hoping for some quality time in NYC for you. Fingers and toes crossed- you guys deserve some fun in the city!

  3. kim says:

    "Westernly pragmatic" Me too.I'm so jealous.

  4. green like... says:

    If not come up here and vist me! It is a very short train ride….or maybe I could come there (But I couldn't come til monday)

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