Caution: Girls at Work

Caution: Girls at Work

Oh boy. I have eased in to this new year like no other.

Maybe it’s the oddseaonably cold weather we’ve been having in Texas, and the resulting head cold I’ve had since 2009. Or maybe I’m just really distracted by how pretty the dates are right now (01.10.10, 01.02.2010, etc.). But it’s something. And it’s something that has kept me all but housebound in a slothy state of slothdom that I frankly don’t have the energy to think about. I think I’ve gotten out of my pajamas three times since 01.01.10. True story.

That must be why it’s my first post of the year. That, or I’ve been working a lot of fun hours getting ready for the amazing Mom 2.0 Summit and Alt Summit and Kirtsy rebuild and SXSW andandandandand.

Or maybe it’s because genius Monica Danna is helping me redo The Queso, and pretty much everything left on the back end of this creaky, no-longer-in-existence 2005 Blogger platform code has been switched over to WordPress, and honestly, I barely know what any of that means.

But things are in the works.

This spot won’t be at all the same next week. And hopefully I’ll be wearing clothes that can reasonably be defined as anything other than pajama pants.

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  1. I’ve decided that everything good in the world connects back somehow to you. And I’m going to Tweet that out right now.

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