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Harry Is Pretty Annoyed That I Didn’t Decorate for Halloween This Year

Harry Is Pretty Annoyed That I Didn’t Decorate for Halloween This Year

Last week, Harry brought up the point that I really didn’t decorate the house for Halloween this year. “I mean, you did those lanterns,” … referring to the white and orange lanterns I found at the the dollar store and hung above the kitchen table … “But that’s really it.”

And I mean, he kind of has a point.

There are only decorative gourds everywhere.

I mean, ’tis the season, right? So that does’t even really count.

And beyond the gourds, there’s the bunting.

And the banners. But whatever.

Also decorative pillows.

But decorative pillows are not obnoxiously festive at all. So that’s not anything.

Also plants that look like pumpkins are not actual pumpkins so they don’t count.

And pumpkins that are kind of all over are just whatever.

And bats. Just hanging out. Also not a thing.

I mean, bless him. It’s easy to see that he’s extremely mistreated without seasonal decor this year.

If only he could have some Halloween decorations to eat on.

And don’t even get me started on candy.

Because the candy.

The candy candy candy.

It really is too bad that all I did was put up these dumb lanterns.

So Harry had to take matters into his own hands and make a ghost to put on his door.

And really, thank goodness. I mean, at least someone should be getting all festive up in here. Jeez.

Just wait until he sees how I don’t decorate for Christmas.

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