The List

Today is the First Day of the Next 85 Days of Your Life. AKA: Summer.

Today is the First Day of the Next 85 Days of Your Life. AKA: Summer.

85 Days. 12 Weeks. That’s what we currently have in front of us. An open-ended timespan of potential…potential for my child to say he’s bored about 4,000 times. And even though saying anything close to this is totally against the rules, he’s at about 37 I’m-bored mentions. So far. Today.


Last summer we made summer goals…Harry did almost every one of his, I did about half of mine. So to give us something to do, we’re going to do it again. And as I’m writing this and looking back, I’m seeing that I did this with 95 days of summer last year, which means we’re already 10 days behind where we were then and Harry has already been out of school for as many days. And in this time, we’ve done approximately nothing.


The first day of summer, I was going to take him to his favorite giant water park… and that didn’t happen for some reason I can’t remember why. The first week of summer, he was going to do waterski camp…and that got rained out. And then today, he was supposed to start a camp at his school…but he wasn’t feeling all that hot, so now he’s sitting here next to me on the couch playing Madden 25. And so that about sums up the whole summer right there. A lot of plans and possibilities that  completely haven’t happened. I’m hoping, possibly, that writing some of these things down will turn that around. And ah ha ha ha, that is hilarious, but here we go.


Harry’s List.

1. Go on the Master Blaster at Schlitterbahn 10 times. He did this last year and succeeded, and like they say, if at first you completely succeed, try try again. 

2. Win the Super Bowl in Madden 25 five times. “This is very hard to do…you have NO idea,” says he. We’re really reaching high this summer, Friends.

3. Go to the X Games. I think I have a massive headache coming on. No, really.

4. Go to a major league baseball game. “Any one will do,” he says. So flexbile. 

5.  Go to an NBA finals game. Keep dreaming, sweet child.

6. Read 1,000 minutes. We’re going to do the Scholastic Summer Challenge again.

7. Learn to ride a bike. This is the one he didn’t do last year. We’re all a little bit surprised and confused that we haven’t attempted to do this yet at this point in his life. I’m sure we had a reason. Way to go, Us. 

8. Go waterskiing. Easy enough in Austin.

9. Swim in the Pacific Ocean. Maybe. Possible. 

10. Go to Reno. “It’s the largest small city in the world! I really want to go to Reno! Seriously, Mom…I NEED to go to Reno!!!” -Harry   Yeah, I don’t even know what to say about this, but we are not going to Reno. 


I’m just sticking to five this year…and there’s a whole five theme happening that just sort of happened, so just go with it.

My List.

1. Run a 5K before Labor Day. Basically train for and run a 5K. This should not be as hard as I will no-doubt make it to be. 

2. Read 5 books. I’m so ready to start this. Bring me your suggestions. 

3. Take 5 day tripsExplore cool things close to home.  Because of Harry’s summer baseball schedule, which is a whole thing I can’t even get into right now, we aren’t allowed to leave the Central Texas area until possibly August. Pinto Baseball, it’s like house arrest with weirder jewelry

4. Finish 5 rooms in the house. Friends, let’s face it. This has been going on way too long. We’re starting the fifth year in this house, and I’m completely over it not being finished. I’ve started to sort of finish most rooms…but nothing’s completely done and that can no longer be. I want to be well underway finishing up the Kitchen (top priority…it’s become almost comical), the front room, the guest room, the mud room and the bathroom. So help me God. I feel like I’m climbing Mount Everest or something. 

5. Add 5 writers to Blog con Queso. I’ll admit, this is the most exciting and also the scariest to me. It’s an experiment, but I’ve been wanting to add a bunch of things here and haven’t been at a place to give it the energy, until now. I’m working with Laurie Smithwick on a redesign and I’m excited about that. Somewhat related and also, I’m working with Laurie White to do daily posts and a whole summer thing over at the Mom2Summit blog. Mom2Summer, if you will. And you will.

So that’s what the next weeks will look like. Or possibly we’ll just sit in the backyard everyday and  run through the sprinklers. It’s actually a very good bet you can find us right there, doing just that. We’re really reaching for the stars over this next 85 days.


Watch out, Reno.

The List