Bring It, St. Nicholas.

Bring It, St. Nicholas.

I just got home from a very quick trip to New York late last night, and while I was there, we got an email from Harry’s teachers that each kid should bring a single shoe in to school for St. Nicholas day. (They would be putting the shoes in the hallway in hopes that St. Nicholas would visit and leave treats for the all of the children.)

The next day, James sent me the above photo,  followed by an apology email to Harry’s teachers:

“Harry insisted that kids were bringing large boots.  I am sorry for the monstrous boot of mine that he brought.  He thinks he is so funny!”

More boot, more candy. Obviously.

This kid.

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3 Responses to Bring It, St. Nicholas.

  1. Terri in SF says:

    First laugh of the morning! That son of yours is pretty cute AND clever!

  2. alicia says:

    Hahaha, very clever :)

  3. I am dying laughing.

    Also — some of those kids brought shoes that I can’t imagine digging candy out of. Blech.

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