Books are Fun. To Throw.

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First of all, thanks to all of you who visited in this week and especially to all of you who delurked. You’re all winners. But especially one of you. Keep reading.


If you’ve ever been to our house, you know that it’s filled with books. Every room has giant bookshelves chock full of them, including a floor to ceiling number (with a cool library ladder) that takes up an entire wall in our bedroom.

And it’s true that all these shelves became even more crowded when I discovered I was pregnant with the Hurricane. Because I immediately ran out and purchased piles of baby info lit in order to understand why heartburn was taking over my body. And for other things too. Probably. But as it turned out, even though I was way too exhausted to do anything productive, I found countless hours to read about which part of his spine was forming, how his eyebrows were lining up, why he kicked more at night, why I was turning into a mean lady. All of it.

Because I needed information.

I was craving it more than mac and cheese with mayo and peanut butter mixed in. And while I loved the books, even the bad ones, some of my favorite informational treats were those weekly progress emails that came to my work email address. They served as a gentle reminder in the midst of meeting requests, copy changes, event updates, et. all, that I was growing a person.

The thing is, I still get these weekly developmental updates. And what used to be my favorite e-read of the day, now gets deleted faster than Prozac ads. Because I might need Prozac. And also because the older he gets, the lamer the updates get. Something that used to be brimming with fascinating tidbits and trivia now reads a lot like this:

“Hey you, person with the 15 month and two week old person, your kid is probably doing some general things, maybe, and he’s potentially and likely not doing some other things, but then he does do some other things, so don’t forget about those things. And all babies develop differently anyway, so he may not be doing some things and some other things that other people his age are doing extremely well and often. But hey, more importantly, buy all these developmental toys, shoes and other things we offer here and here and here. If you do, then you’re a good parent. So stay classy.”

I’m not really sure why this encyclopedia of knowledge has slowly turned into a shopping channel of crap. Because it seems to me that there would be many more specifics to cover once he has emerged. Right? Well, apparently that’s not the case.

However, this last week, they actually mentioned a specific, suggesting that el Hurricane should be extremely interested in books. Which, of course, is so not the case. In fact, whenever I try to read to him, he waits approximately one second to grab the book out of my hand and throw it down. Because currently, as far as he’s concerned, books are for throwing, and really only good for throwing when you can’t find anything else remotely more interesting to hurl across the room. In fact, he firmly believes these book things should probably just be avoided all together because they are definitely the low men in the toy world behind well, um, everything.

However, apparently other babies across the universe are taking to them like candy. Because seventy eight percent of parents surveyed reported that their boy child is fascinated with books and often picks them up and pretends to read them. Right. Well, in our world, that has happened exactly, um, never. The Hurricane might have accidentally picked one up to throw it and destroy something. But that’s as close as we’ve gotten.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, he was sitting around on his little singing training potty, when he realized things weren’t completely right. The potty was good and all, but it just seemed something was missing. He paused. Put a finger to his face cheek and thought.


Then he got it.

He stood up, went over to his bookshelf, dusted some cobwebs off the never-before-used items. And behold…

We have ourselves a reader.

Um. Kind of.

Close enough. I’ll take it.

And so again, a big thanks to you readers for six months of quesotastic fun. This morning, the Hurricane drew Lisa V. Clark’s name out of the sandbucket to win the Darlybird fab folio. So Lisa V. Clark, contact me at helloqueso at gmail dot com to claim your lovely Queso treat. Thanks to everyone for playing.

Happy reading to all and to all a happy weekend.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Big A would sit for hours and let me read to her book upon book. Little A toddles up to me with a book, lets me open it and read approximately the first ten words, then grabs it and starts jabbering at about 212 MPH, turns two pages and tosses the book. Apparently they are learning something new in Baby School.

  2. Nat says:

    You won't have to worry about The Hurricane being late to the literary love-fest, because I am going to eat him up. Because, OMG, he is GOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!!!!!

  3. Robyn says:

    What a treasure. Your baby is adorable.

  4. Mamalang says:

    Okay, nat has to beat me to him…so darn cute! And my youngest (the boy) didn't enjoy books until approx the last 6-7 months or so (he just turned 4) and those people that responded to that survey….they lied :)

  5. Suzanne says:

    So cute! Don't worry, with all that exposure to books he'll become besotted sooner or later. For a long time my kids were much more interested in chewing on books than in reading them.

  6. Super Zoe says:

    I've been buying books for Hurricane for two years and he is just now reading them?! Humph. Thank goodness he is super-darling with a sparkling personality…I'll let it slide.

  7. Bea says:

    To think that his gender identity would be so fully formed, at such a young age? What is it with males, and reading on the can?

  8. Law Boy says:

    I'm envious of the singing potty. Someone (who shall remain nameless) recently managed to break the cover to the tank on my one and only potty, and I should have replaced the whole dadgum thing with one that sings. GcQ, don't get a big head but I've added your site to my favorites menu.

  9. mark says:

    GcQ, sometimes you just have to look yourself in the mirror and say "When in Rome." Congratulations on your new reader.

  10. wendysue says:

    So cute, I have a photo of my first little girl doing that exact same thing! I asked her "what do we do on the potty?" and she promptly ran and got a book and sat right down!! Hey LVC! Lucky duck!

  11. Bek says:

    Yay Hurricane…LVC is one of my greatest friends!! I am so glad she got the Darlybird stuff…. and jealous.GcQ…he is getting SO BIG!

  12. topher clark says:


  13. Lady M says:

    If he keeps up that reading habit, everyone will have to stand in line for the bathroom! What a cutie.

  14. Elizabeth H. says:

    He is a super cute little guy. Are you sure that he won't be freaked out when his toilet sings?

  15. dalene says:

    That's one cute hurricane. And with that many books in the house (and I'll bet he sees you reading quite a bit) he's bound to be a reader–if he ever slows down long enough!

  16. Pendullum says:

    My daughter has been read to every night of her life since she was born…And has always, always loved books…I was so surprised to find out that she had a learning disability and it broke my heart… as reading was such a struggle for her…and now, after all that she has been through… she has finally reached a breakthrough…and it takes everything now to get her to turn off the light at night when she is in the middle of a good book…

  17. Jenny, the Bloggess says:

    We are so friends. When you first walk into my house there's a 2 story bookshelf teaming with books to borrow. But I need a library ladder…desperately.PS. I want a singing potty.

  18. Jill says:

    Arrrgh, men and their bathroom reading habits. That's some john he's got there.

  19. Rhonda says:

    My daughter "reads" books but she throws cups. Guess it has to be something.Those photos are so cute! We already have the caterpillar and the drum in the corner…maybe we need the singing toilet too. Just so we can be cool like you guys. ;)

  20. Stephanie says:

    Hurricane is adorable!!Oh, and Bethany is still in the "books are for licking and drooling on" phase.

  21. Design Mom says:

    Those shots are priceless.And I'm so happy Lisa is the big winner. Lisa is married to my husband's bff and I adore her. She is very deserving of any and all free loot.

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