Because My Finder's Fee Is So Relatively Reasonable

Someone please buy this. And then let me in on the exact date of the Brangelina demise. I’d really like the win the office pool.

The Details

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  1. lildb says:

    har! now, that's a *find*.oooh. can I link to it? it's smarty pants.

  2. KCG says:

    Wow. I'm more scared of the people who are bidding on it than I am of the seller.Who thought that chapped lips could kill you.

  3. Fizzle says:

    Oh the location of heaven? We might just be able to get a space shuttle up there when all is revealed…Well I have prophesying dreams, too, not visits from Jesus, tho. No, mine is a stick figure guy who insists I feed him ice cream at each visit. Anyway. Homeboy tell me (because this was my first question about why the universe is as it is) that Brangelina have another good year in them.

  4. Betsy says:

    Damn. Now I'll never be able to sell MY journal about Jesus! There's four years at Baylor down the tubes.

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