And Then Sometimes You Find Yourself Watching Two Of Your Best Friends On The Katie Show On The Same Day. Weird.

And Then Sometimes You Find Yourself Watching Two Of Your Best Friends On The Katie Show On The Same Day. Weird.

You know that thing, when you’re sitting in one of your best friend’s living rooms, talking with her and one of your other best friends about their upcoming year and stuff, and then you blink, and it’s a few months later, and you’re sitting with them right before they each go on the Katie Couric Show for different reasons, about different things, on the same day.

You know what I’m talking about.

And then Snooki shows up. I mean. Jenny. 

And then Katie Couric casually stops by the dressing room. Ha. Just kidding. That would be ridiculous.

But then Brene Brown starts banging on the door.

Really, she didn’t bang on the door. I technically barged into her dressing room next door and accosted her while she and Steve were having a sweet private moment. Sweet private moment, RUINED by me. Bam! Take that, Brene and Steve.

Actually, we just gave each other high fives and talked about popcorn or music or reality TV or something. I don’t know. Something.

But then I left them alone for more private moments and went to the makeup room to watch Jenny and Kelly get ready. I have some awesome shots of Kelly looking hot in just a bra, but you’ll never see them here on the Internet. Probably.

Here they are. Camera ready. Nice ladies.

Then we went down to the green room to wait. And then Katie Couric actually did show up and she sang show tunes at the top of her lungs. She’s a great singer, has awesome energy, and is exactly as nice as you’d imagine her to be. I have no photographic or audiophonic evidence of any of this, so you’ll just have to trust me. The lady likes her show tunes.

This is how I watched the show. On  the floor, criss cross apple sauce. Drinking coffee. Exactly how I’d watch Jenny and Brene talking at either of their houses. It felt right. We gave my ticket away to someone else, and I hung back with Steve and a bunch of people in red dresses and watched the whole thing.

And it was fantastic.

Here’s the crazy thing. When this was all set up, the producers didn’t even realize they knew each other. This thing, where two people I love were both on the exact same national tv show on the exact same day when I just happened to be in the exact same city…friends, it just happened. Randomly. Or not so randomly. You decide.

And I’m not saayying this is the new Oprah Show or anything, but as I was watching it, I was like, man, this show is the new Oprah Show. Well done, Katie Show people. The segment is so smart and so inspiring. It is great, really really great, TV. The best thing I’ve seen on TV since Friday Night Lights shut off the lights, and that’s saying something. So. Yeah.

You’re going to want to watch this.

This is me watching it.

And as I was watching it, I was so cognisant of how awesome this was, how viscerally proud I am of my friends, and how happy I am that they’re in the world. I also felt extremely thankful that there’s a smart national medium to project their brilliance beyond Brene’s living room.

Because these women are exactly the same people if it’s just the three of us, huddled up, drinking coffee, laughing, in our pajamas…or if they’re fancied up on national television with Katie Couric. They are exactly the same…exactly themselves.

And I loved watching them on TV. It was so so good.

And then we went our separate ways and I walked through sunshiney Central Park and bought an ice cream to celebrate.

And called Karen to tell her all about it.

It was a good day.

You should know that one of the most important things about this whole thing was /is the fact that it marks the debut of Brene’s new book Daring Greatly. Which is just freaking awesome. Seriously. My favorite of all of her books so far (and that’s saying quite a lot). I’m going to her signing tonight in Austin (Are you in Austin? You should come.), and I’m going to post a whole thing on this smart book tomorrow, so we’ll talk a lot more about the details of Daring Greatly then…and do a book giveaway. So stop back in tomorrow for that. But in the meantime, go buy this book. You won’t be disappointed. For sure.

And then, watch the Katie Show today. Or go set your DVR now. You’ll want to watch it a few times. Do it. You want to.

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8 Responses to And Then Sometimes You Find Yourself Watching Two Of Your Best Friends On The Katie Show On The Same Day. Weird.

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  2. I can barely contain my excitement so I have no idea how you did it. And I know these ladies are exactly as you say, the same on TV and in person. The truest of true to themselves. The world (and Texas) is so much better for having them in it. Same goes for you too.

  3. Esther says:

    LOVE this post–talk about a small world full of crazy coincidences! Hooray for you and your bffs : )

  4. Mocha says:

    This was just THE BEST. Backstage provides a great peek into what happens on these shows. It was so perfect for me to spend that time with you. (And then some!)

    Pizza in Brooklyn again. Soon. Really.

  5. Leslie says:

    Your friends are amazing! Hearing both Brene and Jenny talk at Mom 2.0 were highlights for me. They are both so inspiring, funny and leading the revolution in “being ourselves”. I’m glad to see Katie spreading the word.

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