And Then I Was In Better Homes and Gardens

I have 1,000 photos to download off my camera. And 57 things to write. But before all that fun begins, I wanted to take a second to say that I subscribe to at least 10 magazines. (In what other instance do you pay half the price to have things delivered to your door?) And one of my very favorites arrived yesterday.

This month, I’m especially loving it. Because this month, I’m on page 22 with Kirtsy and Kirtsy Takes A Bow.

Page 22. That’s even better than being a Page 2 girl or getting a mention on Page 6, right? How I subscribe to things, it is.
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25 Responses to And Then I Was In Better Homes and Gardens

  1. Mom101 says:

    Yay yay yay yay YAYYYYY!!Tomorrow…the world.

  2. Heather B. says:

    Have you realized how much you're kicking ass and taking names lately? I cannot wait for the book to arrive.

  3. Boston Mamas says:

    Fabulous! Congratulations! -Christine

  4. Kyran says:

    you look good in glossy :-)

  5. karey m. says:

    man, i'm excited about this!well done, you!xoxo!{exclamation points are so pedestrian. but i can't resist here.}

  6. Jennifer H says:

    Yay! Congratulations!Can't wait to hold that gorgeous book in my hands…

  7. Ed says:

    Congratulations! Very very cool Laura.

  8. Upside Up says:

    My hero.

  9. Miki Goodger says:

    I knew you'd be famous someday! You are the epitome of kewl.

  10. Barchbo says:

    Awesome! That's great! Cannot wait for the book launch so I can hold it in my hot little hands.Of course you know that NOT ONE of your friends would be more excited than me if you really were mentioned on Page Six. For real. Cangapalooza. Veuve Clicquot. Rock Lobster.

  11. barchbo says:

    PS: Karey just called me pedestrian! I use nothing but exclamation points! TOO BAD! I get excited.

  12. helenjane says:

    You = The Bomb.

  13. Maggie Mason says:

    Congratulations, sweets! You deserve a day off.

  14. PunditMom says:

    You go, lady!! xoxo

  15. gwen bell says:

    And. That picture of you is perfect to boot! Loved getting to spend more than 30 crazy minutes w/you this weekend.

  16. Jenny, the Bloggess says:

    OH MY GOD!I knew you when…

  17. Laurie says:

    Really, really nice, Laura. Congratulations.

  18. mary says:

    Holy sh*t. This is AWEsome!I really want to swear!!

  19. whoorl says:


  20. kpaull says:

    That is so great! And, on top of that, your pick was fantastic!!! Way to go!

  21. Jack says:

    1000 photos to download? Oy. I know how that goes.I love my digital camera but sometimes I miss the "old" days when we had to develop film. Now I find myself dragging my feet about printing pix. All too often I find myself with a ridiculous number of pictures to deal with.

  22. Bix'Mom says:

    Loved getting my November issue yesterday and seeing your beautiful face inside. Way to go!

  23. Monica Danna says:

    Dude. Yay!

  24. Holla!

    Awesome sauce.

    I’m addicted to magazines, and I’m okay with it.

  25. Geri Mendosa says:

    This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:
    When there’s a will, I want to be in it. :)

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